Living Life

The different between diets and lifestyle changes are life. Diets don’t let you live your life, they dictate it. They decide which restaurants you can go to, if you can even go out, and what you are allowed to eat. That’s no way to live. 

Tonight I found myself at a restaurant with flatbread and a burger on their afternoon menu. Yes, I eat dinner before 5pm sometimes (actually two nights in a row so far). Instead of freaking out because, yes, I want to make healthier choices these days I rolled with it. I’m not NOT going to live my life. I went with the pumpkin flatbread which had pumpkin, pesto, goat cheese that I thought was supposed to be blue cheese, and apple slices. It was topped with arugula for extra nutrition. Overall, yes it was a flatbread but also had vegetables and fruit!


Jules and I also shared the hummus dish and each got a cocktail. I tried the red blend wine but ultimately went with a spicy cucumber cocktail. I also have a hard time saying no to a cocktail, let’s just say I was celebrating seeing my sister. 


Jules doesn’t come into the city that often so when she does it’s a real treat. It was so nice to see her, texting isn’t the same. I miss her, a lot. And I’m certainly not going to ruin my time with her with my insecurities.