A Day in the Life

This week is BUSY which means I have limited headspace to write up a thought provoking post. So instead I decided to write a day in the life post. This is NOT meant to be a prescribed diet plan. 

5:15: Wake up and work out. Today was chest and triceps.

7:15: Arrive at work and eat my breakfast while chart reviewing and reading emails. This morning was my usual oatmeal mixed with pumpkin, maple syrup and peanut butter.


10:00: Snack on a pear while writing notes.

12:15: Finally grab lunch before my blood sugar bottoms out. This was leftover pesto rice with sausage, walnuts and tomatoes on top of arugula.


1:30: Somehow I am hungry again (or bored) so I snack on a banana with peanut butter.


3:30: Grab an Uber home because it was raining.  

4:15: Curl up on the couch with a mug of tea to watch the Resident.  

5:15: Eat an early dinner because I’m old at heart. This was roasted acorn squash lathered with maple syrup (the real stuff) stuffed with rice, apple chicken sausage, apple, and onion. I also had some carrots for crunch...anyone else need a variety of textures to feel satisfied? Maybe I was just snacky.  


Rounding out the night with a homemade popsicle (Greek yogurt and berries) and ER.


Went big on the maple syrup today. I’ve been focusing on adding more flavor to my meals so I feel more satisfied and less deprived. For example, I love pumpkin oatmeal but it’s always missing something. And I’ve never been a huge fan of acorn squash until today! Winning. Anyways...when will this week be over?