A Wonderful Day

Saturday was a wonderful day for no particular reason. The little things are what make life so special. They’re what make you realize what’s truly important to you and how lucky you are. 

I woke up all snuggled in my warm bed and heard Erin in the kitchen making breakfast. I love having roommates, it’s just so nice having other people around. I joined her in the kitchen and we chatted over breakfast and coffee. Pumpkin peanut butter oatmeal for me obviously. It’s also very nice having a big kitchen with a table that we can all sit around.

After breakfast I made another set of curtains. I’m working my way towards four sets for the kitchen. They’re not perfect but decent for my first crafty experience! If I had to sew them they’d probably be horrendous but iron on hemming tape is a true game changer.  I’ve even used it to hem a tablecloth that I bought way too big.


Erin and I also had lunch together. We chatted about nutrition and enjoyed some fall flavors. Curried acorn squash soup for her and a mishmash of squash and root vegetables with brown rice and goddess dressing for me.   


After lunch I did my upper body workout and some laundry. Then Erin asked if I wanted to run errands together. Um, YES. Tareget here we come. It’s so nice running errands in a car...sometimes I miss having a car. It’s also so nice running errands with someone else and I got to break in my new shoes. 


During the ride I opened up to Erin about some of my insecurities (we all have them). Erin, being the kindest person I know, delved into all the reasons why I’m doing great and should be proud of my “right now.” It’s so easy to compare where you are in life to other people, but it’s never an equal comparison nor should it matter.  I’m still amazed by how truly lucky I’ve been with all my roommates in Boston so far. I’ve moved three times and yet each time I’ve made new friends. It’s really something special.  


We finished off our errands with my first trip to Wegman’s which let me tell you is mind blowing. If only it was closer. The prices are so much more affordable than Whole Foods (duh, Megan).  They have an INCREDIBLE wine selection so naturally we got three bottles of Apothic. They have this new kind made with cold brew coffee which has an amazing nutty flavor. We enjoyed this while eating some dinner and relaxing. Unfortunately it definitely had some caffeine which kept me up but all in all it was a great weekend day.