Flexibility and Compassion

This week had been LONG. Monday was super productive, Tuesday I cried all afternoon, Wednesday was a whirlwind, and Thursday my body was ready to quit. It’s honestly amazing how working your brain can exhaust your whole body. I’m ready for bed and it’s 5pm... 

On days or weeks like these it’s important to be kind to yourself and give yourself flexibility, but to also focus on health promoting behaviors. Otherwise you may end up running down your immune system and getting sick.  The trick is listening to your body and knowing when it needs what.

First things first, be nice to the body you have and give it flexibility. When work is demanding the rest of your life shouldn’t be. So maybe you let yourself order out or pick up food one more time than usual. Maybe you leave those dirty dishes in the sink when normally you wash everything before bed. Maybe you sleep a half hour later and Uber into work instead of walking. Yes, I did these all this week. And here I am on Friday and I don’t feel like I’m about to collapse.


The next step is to also realize that flexibility doesn’t just equate to laziness and throwing up your hands in defeat. You can still make healthy choices if you think your body will benefit from it. On Thursday I was ready to sleep at 5pm, but I knew exercising would make me feel better. It honestly turned my mood around and I felt more productive afterwards and even had energy to make dinner. If I had felt like a cold was coming on or like it would have done more harm than good then I would have skipped it. No shame.

For another example, one night I had a bagel and eggs for dinner because that’s what sounded good. The next night I made fried rice with cauliflower because extra veggies sounded right. Your body knows what it needs and listening to it becomes exponentially more important when you’re being challenged in other aspects of life.


So here I am after a long week telling you that nobody is going to worry about how many workouts you got in or how many meals you cooked on the weeks that life handed you a bit more than you could handle. So realize what will make you feel better and choose that. Is it a home cooked meal or something quick? Is it veggies or bland carbohydrates? Is it a workout or taking a nap? Nobody else can tell you what your body needs.