Sunday Scaries

Sitting here having some serious Sunday Scaries. Sure it’s a Sunday and I just had a great weekend hanging with my longest friend (we met in Kindergarten) and his wife. These Sunday Scaries go bigger than that, though. It’s fear of what comes next in life not just this coming week. Justin is married and has a house. I’m sitting here wondering if I’m saving enough to be able to buy a house someday. Or how long I’ll be dating until marriage is on the radar. Too big of thoughts for a Sunday. Instead I’m trying to focus on what to cook for the week and which workout to do next.


Friday I got to Bridgewater around 5:30pm. Justin and Casey picked me up and we went to the grocery store, which is my favorite chore ever. I absolutely love grocery shopping. Casey has truly motivated me to be better about shopping sales, mealplanning, and bringing my reusable bags. Like come on, Megan, you’re from Vermont. I can’t get over how put together and adult Justin and Casey are. #goals

The night consisted of catching up, eating bar pizza and watching the Red Sox. Justin and I crushed quite a bit of wine while reminiscing about high school and what people are up to these days.


Saturday I slept in until 10:30 (in my defense I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30) and Justin and I drank coffee and hung out. It’s great when you have friends who you can just enjoy being around without having to do anything in particular. I watched while he fixed some house stuff and then I did a Beachbody workout before finally showering. Casey then changed my life by teaching me how to curl my hair with a curling iron.


The party started at 7pm. Casey did an amazing job decorating and planning. The house was gorgeous, clean and smelled great (as it always does). The spread consisted of buffalo chicken dip, pigs (or mummies) in a blanket, squash crostini, party mix, and a deli platter. This girl couldn’t get enough of the deli platter or the buffalo chicken dip. Kept going back for more.  


I also kept going back for more of the puppy chow. It’s so ADDICTING. Crunchy peanut butter and chocolate clusters?! What?! Ugh I basically had a food baby of puppy chow. Tasted even better mixed with party mix.


I went to bed thinking about how much I ate and how I hadn’t eaten a vegetable since the mushrooms on my pizza Friday night. BUT this happens in life. You aren’t always in control of your food choices and that shouldn’t give you anxiety. These meal plans out there that tell you to plan for you cheats or to limit them to once per week are not compatible with life. When these weekends happen it doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy or need to make up for it with an intense workout or restriction. You try to make healthy choices when you can but other times being social and drinking alcohol inhibit that decision making capability. Nor do you need to feel bad about eating puppy chow once a year. Sure this weekend was a lot of alcohol, desserts, pizza and buffalo chicken dip, but I know tomorrow I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast and a salad or squash soup for lunch. So I’m not going to let those thoughts ruin my weekend. 

The costumes at this party were pretty epic. We had a Bill Belichik with his referee, an alien, some fixer uppers, someone from the sandlot, Mary Poppins, and Patty Mayonnaise and Doug. The commitment was amazing.


Sunday morning I woke up at 10 and hung out for a bit before Justin made the most epic breakfast sandwiches. Eggs, deli meat, cheese, and Asiago cheese bagels. Still drooling about it. 

I’m writing this on the train back into the city. As much as it’s so easy for me to compare myself to Justin or my sister I’m trying not to. I have only been out of school for a bit over a year. I’m still finding my place in this adult world. I’m still trying to find hobbies to fill my time outside of work. And just because I’m a dietitian doesn’t mean I need to be perfect when it comes to eating. You better believe I’m going to fully enjoy my weekends with friends.