Recently I’ve felt like I need a new hobby, one that isn’t food or alcohol related. Why? Because I feel like I should? Because it would probably be healthier? Because...because...because.

So I did what every millennial does and googled “hobbies” because it took too much effort to think up my own (cue eye roll). I thought maybe I could try knitting or puzzles? What about gardening? For one, I don’t think knitting is for me...I get bored quickly. I do enjoy puzzles, but also I like things to look clean and organized and puzzles aren’t exactly that. And gardening would be cool but I hardly ever remember to use herbs and I don’t have outdoor space. And so back to square one.


Ive tried the running thing and honestly it’s Julie’s thing. I enjoy biking but need to get more comfortable on the road. I enjoy weight lifting but wouldn’t say it’s a hobby. I like exploring but again I don’t do it all the time. And most of the time I end up at a bar or restaurant, 

During my internet searches I realized that food and alcohol ARE hobbies. If people enjoy food the hobbies mentioned were trying new restaurants (done) and cooking (done). If people enjoy alcohol the hobbies mentioned are wine/beer tasting (done) and home brewing (have on my to do list). So turns out I’m actually CRUSHING my hobbies.


Sometimes it takes a hot second for me to convince myself that I don’t need to change. Just because my hobbies involve food and alcohol doesn’t make me any less healthy. And just because most of my money goes towards eating doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It just means that that’s what I enjoy and there is nothing wrong with that. They aren’t my only hobbies either because blogging is also a hobby! So here I am, drinking a beer while blogging, living my best life. Don’t change because you feel like you should. You may miss out on your best self.