Okay, so maybe I can count organizing as a hobby. Nothing bugs me more than stuff just being in random places. I’m known to clean up my friend’s rooms and just tidy things up. My friends make fun of my version of “dirty.”  


This weekend I was feeling very anxious. It happens fewer times these days (hallelujah) but it still happens. Luckily on Friday my roommate asked me to go for a walk which helped A TON! Otherwise I would have spent the afternoon lounging and drinking a beer...which I still did after the walk. 

Weekends can be tough for me because I want to relax but also get things done and I want to be around people but also be alone. First things first, get *shit* done while staying in my pajamas, my favorite way of being lazy but also productive. I cleaned the apartment up and down (vacuum, sweep, Lysol, etc). Then I got to work on organizing the pantry! I call it a pantry but it’s basically a hidden closet. I took everything out and organized the shelves. The top shelf is miscellaneous paper products like cups and plates for parties. The next shelf down is seasonal and a bucket of random things including tools. The next shelf down has extra soap and trash bags and overflow of kitchen appliances. The main shelf is all kitchen appliances! Woot woot. You know how I love my kitchen appliances. The ground level is paper bags, reusable bags and toilet paper. #whatagirlneeds


This freed up space above the fridge to put alcohol that we don’t drink often (aka the hard stuff) and my basket of Tupperware/Pyrex. The bar cart now holds our more often consumed alcohol like wine and beer. Oh and water, we do also drink water.


I also tackled the two Tupperware drawers which with some strategic planning was merged into one drawer so that I could put the pots and strainers in the other drawer and free up some space for our MANY pans...why do we need so many pans. The lids annoy the hell out of me and I even have one extra lid but...there might be a pot in the dishwasher...shoot there definitely is.  


The organizing keeps my mind occupied but not with anything too strenuous or taxing. It’s actually therapeutic. I can’t wait to try finding a way to store my weights that’s nice one problem is I try to do everything too quickly. Like the time I tried to hang my mirror without measuring and three holes in the wall later...oops. 

Saturday night Courtney and I also went to the movies. She opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. The movies is a GREAT way to be around people without having to talk to people. Also, this theatre is INSANE and has a bar and lazy boy seats that recline so you are lying down just like you would be at home. I was insanely comfortable drinking my beer and watching A Star is Born. 


As it turns out there are hobbies for specific situations. I don’t always love cleaning or organizing but I do when I’m anxious!  Don’t worry, I still spend a good chunk of the day cooking! Chili this week for lunches!