I’d say there are no words, but words are what make up a blog (that and pictures). This restaurant blew my expectations out of the water even after my date, Eliza, had been raving about it all day and all week leading up to it. 

Its set in a part of Somerville that I don’t know very well so when I passed the door I honestly didn’t know it. The blue door leads into a very colorful restaurant with quite a bit of space for many tables. We lucked out by getting there when it opened (I was late so this was all Eliza) and snagged a table from a cancelation. Before I knew it the place was absolutely packed!

We were talking so much that it took us a while to order, but boy was the wait worth it. I seriously LOVE when friendships are so easy and you can progress from talking about work to dating to composting to climate change to food and back again. It feels so special when you meet people that you just feel comfortable around. Let alone people you can share tiny plates with!

So yes, this restaurant does tiny plates which usually intimidates me because I always want more when the dish is gone. But at Sarma the plates are actually a decent size where you can share and still be satisfied with the dish when it’s gone. I also was very grateful that the menu had a glossary of terms on the side because many words I did not know.

We started off with the seven layer hummus. There were pine nuts, a corn relish, something like pesto, something I guessed to be similar to Muhamara and olives. It was served with seeded falafel crackers and we also got the most delicious fluffy bread which I inhaled. I honestly was so pleased with this dish but I had no idea what my tastebuds were about to experience. 


Another cool thing about this restaurant is the chefs cook up specials on the spot and waiters come around with trays of them. If you want it you can add it to your order. We went with the fried chicken with a tahini type tzatziki sauce. We passed on the broccoli dish because we had already ordered two vegetable dishes. 

For vegetables we went with the sugar snap peas in a pistachio tahini dressing with crunchy quinoa and the eggplant shish (kebob) with bok choy, babaganoush, and a peanut sauce. This restaurant truly takes vegetables to a whole new level. I’m convinced if everyone could eat vegetables like this the world would be a healthier place! And think of all the healthy fats consumed: tahini, olive oil, sesame seeds, olives, yogurt. Sure I had some fried chicken but the majority of our meal was vegetables! A dietitian’s dream restaurant! 


To end the night we shared the ricotta donuts with pistachio hot fudge. Since when do I love pistachios so much!? We were stuffed but could not say no to these intriguing donuts especially since Eliza’s birthday was yesterday. The waiter came out with a candle in a mason jar and I sang happy birthday all by myself. I almost took a picture but honestly these moments should be celebrated sans technology. What a great moment, I hope your wish came true Eliza!


I keep thinking I need new hobbies (and I discussed this with Eliza) but you know what? I truly enjoying experiencing new restaurants. I love getting dressed up. I love researching the menu beforehand and looking at their social media. I love the different atmospheres. I love talking to waiters about the menu. I love discussing food and other topics over food. I love having an excuse to see my friends or make new friends (but not dates, I’ve determined trying to eat a meal on a date is too challenging). It’s definitely a hobby and although the main reason for my recent thoughts around hobbies are health related, I can find restaurants with a focus on vegetables (like Sarma) and I don’t always get a drink or a dessert. And when I do it’s usually shared. It’s an experience and if I enjoy it I shouldn’t feel bad about it. So even though other people have hobbies like hunting, fishing, knitting, or reading my hobby is eating out at restaurants. But it’s so much more than the food.


I am who I am and that’s a girl who loves food and everything about food. The culture. The atmosphere. How it unites people. Food is SO MUCH MORE than just calories or energy.