Quick Getaway

This weekend I took a quick trip up to Portsmouth to visit my twin sister. I haven’t seen her since August (not counting our quick dinner last month). I just plain miss her. 

I tell everyone how great being a twin is. You have an instantaneous best friend. Someone who is going through the same things in life at the same time. Someone who will always be on your side and someone to confide in. The past few years we have been at different points in our lives because I took my time finishing my schooling. But despite that Julie and I are closer than ever. We go through patches where we don’t talk every day, but I know she’s always there for me.  

I arrived Friday night and quickly got my puppy kisses in. I honestly couldn’t wait to see the pups all week. Julie was sending me pictures to tempt me. They were excited for sure. We hung out and talked while drinking some wine and Vermont beer, once a Vermonter always a Vermonter.


Saturday morning Julie and I had a slow lazy morning. We snuggled with Lyla for a bit before deciding to go for a run. Julie had to do a shakeout run before her race and I am slowly trying to get back into running,  meaning once a week. It was a little dreary out but got the endorphins pumping for sure.


The afternoon adventures started with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Yes that’s an adventure. I got the cauliflower gnocchi since I’ve been dying to try this and it was sold out the last time I was there. It was DELICIOUS. Perfect with a little bit of oil and what I call shaky cheese (grated Parmesan). Also a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables.


Greg arrived shortly after to chauffeur us to Scarborough Maine. What’s there?! Holy Donuts!  We got there a bit later but they still had the two best kinds, chocolate sea salt and chocolate coconut. For once I didn’t get a whole box, I stuck to three. One chocolate sea salt and one coconut for me and one chocolate sea salt for Jake. I also got some of the best coffee there! I mixed pumpkin spice with the Holy donut Blend and some soy milk. Soy milk makes everything better. 


Next up, Cabellas where I actually started and finished my Christmas shopping in one trip. I’ll probably get a few other things because I like spoiling the fam, but it felt good to find things early on when December is super busy for me.

Back at home we watched the Blackkklansman. Julie and Greg had started it the night before but never finished. We also started Jack Ryan which I find I can’t stream into my chrome cast. Bummer. All was enjoyed with a donut and sushi! Not at the same time because that would be a bit strange.


Sunday morning Julie got up early to run to her race. Who does that? A girl training for a full marathon. We definitely did that for the half in Vermont a few years back. I got to the school just in time to grab a cowbell, say hi to Robyn (aka the Real Life RD and one of my idols), and get to the start to see Julie. She didn’t see me but I saw the look of determination on her face at the start.

I next saw her around mile 8 and she was SMILING! I was so happy to see that since her stomach wasn’t feeling great this morning. This is also her first half in a year and since coming back from an injury.


I ended up jogging the two miles back to the high school because I was so cold. It was bitter out there. I got back just in time to see Joe, my old roommates fiancé finish and then Julie! She looked so strong and came in on her own (aka nobody around her) which is even more admirable because you have to pace yourself. She came in at 1:33. Absolutely crushed it. Her goal was 1:30 but the wind and cold were brutal. She was still smiling, which she should be because she is such an inspiration. She commits to her goals and trains so hard. She’s also amazing to watch. I love watching her race. So now I’m officially going to be her groupie.


When I saw her to congratulate her she was still smiling! She also said I would be proud because she ate breakfast this morning, had a GU about 15 min prior to the race and another one at mile 8. For a girl who never used to fuel properly because of stomach issues and now can race a half marathon all while SMILING this is huge. I always want this girl to smile that big.