A Perfect Weekend

I needed a weekend getaway. I needed it even more after this past week tested me in more ways than one. I couldn’t wait to get on the bus to Burlington and spend a few days with one of my best friends.  

I hopped off the bus Friday around 3:15pm on the UVM campus. It was flurrying and students were out walking; I truly felt like I never left and it put a smile on my face. I walked through central campus to see the new dorms and ER (the hospital is in the middle of the campus). I was also walking to the hospital to meet Maia who’s a nurse in the Surgical ICU. Talk about bad ass. Her fiancé picked us up; I was lucky he was in town since he’s been busy with med school and residency applications. Talk about a bad ass couple. They’re truly couple goals for me.  


Anyway, our night consisted of brewery hopping, craft beer, snow, pizza, and friends. Vermont is the only place where you can go to the bars with Bean boots on and nobody cares. I also love going to breweries for drinks as opposed to bars since it’s usually quieter and you’re supporting the main company. We started at my all time favorite place, Zero Gravity. I got a flight to try some of their new beers but still enjoyed Conehead. They had a new IPA with guava which was super tasty and one of my favorites.


Next, we drove a few blocks down the street to Citizen Cider where I also got a flight. I just love the environment at Citizen, it’s all windows and with the snow outside was extra cozy. I also saw an old friend and we got to chatting a bit which was really nice since he’s headed back to Jackson Hole soon.   


By this point in time we were starting to get hungry so we hopped over to the new Folinos in downtown. It’s BYOB so we hit up City Market first where Megan spent $43 on craft beer to be enjoyed with pizza. This is typical of what I do after drinking IPAs. I got one Upper Pass, one Fiddlehead, and Sip of Sunshine. We ordered three pizzas, thank goodness, because I ate 6 slices. No guilt or shame because Folinos is the best pizza ever. This girl was hungry and the pizza is thin crusted deliciousness. I was told to try the firecracker shrimp and it was mind blowing. We also got the truffle pig and buffalo chicken. All super delicious but the firecracker shrimp was on fire (hehe). 


After dinner we drove to Joe’s friend’s apartment for drinks and conversation. He happens to be the genius behind Foam Brewery. Excuse me while I worship this person because Foam is one of the best new breweries in my opinion. He had some cans of a new stout in his fridge which I gladly enjoyed. I love sitting in a crowd being real quiet and just listening and people watching. 


After that we headed to downtown Winooski (the town over) to meet up with some friends. This girl was getting tired at this point and chugged some water. That’s what happens when you start the party at 4pm. I blame daylight savings. Again, I was quiet and just listened and enjoyed the company. It’s crazy to see so many of my friends getting engaged and married! Part of me wondered if I’d still fit in if I lived here but then I yelled at myself (internally) for wallowing. Maia would never let that happen, she’s always looking out for me. 


Cue to Saturday morning where I woke up to some dog kisses, aka the best way to wake up. Maia and my agenda included bagels and coffee before movie binge watching. We hit up The Bagel Place (yes, that’s the name) where I tried a new breakfast sandwich which combined egg and bacon with siracha cream cheese. All breakfast sandwiches should be egg AND cream cheese because then you don’t have to decide between the two. 


After breakfast we literally watched like four Hallmark movies, each one cheesier than the next. Maia made her famous popcorn which the dogs were jealous of. At about 4pm we decided to do some crafts so we went to Michaels for supplies and Trader Joe’s for dinner supplies. I’m going to write a separate post about the craft we did so stay tuned! 


Dinner we kept simple and included vegetables since our diets had been lacking. We made pasta with vodka sauce, sautéed eggplant, and vegetarian meatballs (no, not homemade). We enjoyed a salad on the side for additional nutrition. It was a truly satisfying meal. I had a little mug of Ben & Jerry’s and some wine during a movie to top off the night. Maia treated me you fantastic Beasts to get me ready for the new movie.



Sunday morning started with a wake up call from Maia to workout. Love working out with a friend. We had to be quick since we had brunch plans in downtown Winooski.  Joe had been raving about the brunch at Misery Loves Company so off we went. It was a beautiful morning, crisp and sunny. The dining room was full so we sat at the kitchen counter which was better than the dining room in my opinion since we got to watch the chefs. 


We started with the tater tots topped with smoked fish, roe, and some delicious herby cream. We also had an appetizer of beignets with honey butter which were mind blowing (I keep saying that).


I kept the sweets train rolling and had the chicken and waffles. I got the gravy on the side and requested maple syrup, because what are waffles without maple syrup. Finished every last bite and had no regrets.


After brunch I walked to a coffee shop to meet a friend and mentor. We caught up for a bit and talked jobs and life and it was great. She’ll always be an inspiration for me and the person who got me where I am today.

The final event of the trip was to finish our crafts before Megan trying to fit 8 cans of beer in her small weekend bag. In case you’re wondering, I did it. I have studying abroad to thank for teaching me how to roll my clothes.


All in all, this weekend was everything I needed and more. It felt like home spending time with Maia. She’s a friend who’s been with me through many ups and downs through life and career. She has a big heart and is so welcoming and we can have fun doing everything or absolutely nothing. Joe is also one of the funniest {and smartest} people I know and I feel privileged to have been with them the day they got together. And now they’re getting married!

Vermont will always be home when I have friends who feel like family living here. I’m sorry I couldn’t see more people (you know who you are and I love you) but weekends always go by so fast.