Thanksgiving Eve

Happy almost Turkey Day everyone!! Whatever that day may look like for you. Maybe you’re up early to run a 5k, to start meal prepping, or to drive to a loved one’s house. My day used to involve a 5k but now I tend to either run at home with the twin and pup or do a quick workout in the basement. It feels so good to get the blood pumping before eating all the food. 

This year my parents are hosting which doesn’t mean much since there’s only five of us, so basically a normal dinner. Usually we go to my uncle and aunt’s house but this year we have some dogs to entertain. I’ll go to their house for a second Thanksgiving on Saturday. Currently drooling thinking about my uncle’s stuffing.  

Anyways dinner at my parents’ house means I’ll likely be elbow deep in turkey...jk that’s gross and I leave the meat cooking up to other people. I sent my mom a menu plan and some links to recipes so I’m curious to see what she decided. I’ve been known to go overboard and choose all new recipes. My mom got upset with me about that before so this year I played it safer with some go to favorites. I try to follow an outline to make sure I have a variety of colors, textures, and flavors. Have you noticed Thanksgiving meals  tend to be brown and boring?


Turkey. Duh. 

The bigger the better because leftovers are amazing. Sandwiches. Soup. Or just straight off the carcus.

Cranberry sauce. 

From a can because I love the jiggle, but not so much the high fructose corn syrup.  

Fall salad. 

Last year it was kale, squash, nuts, and pomegranate seeds with a homemade dressing.  


Not cooked in the turkey unless you want food poisoning. My uncle makes the BEST stuffing with carmelized onions, apple, and bacon. I told my mom we didn’t need mashed potatoes in addition to stuffing because they’re both carb sides. I’m curious what your thoughts are, I’m just not a huge mashed potato person.  

Another vegetable. 

If I were to choose it would be Brussels sprouts. My uncle made a braised root vegetable dish that I have the recipe for. Or likely green beans.

Pie or other dessert.  

PUMPKIN. Or any cheesecake. Or combine the two.

Two appetizers, one with produce. 

Usually a baked Brie of some kind because my family loves cheese. One year I made some roasted Brussels sprouts with a bacon aioli. YUM. Feeling some bacon wrapped dates but I can tell you the family would hate me.

And of course we have a LOT of wine.

Happy turkey day everyone!