Habits and Holidays

My Thanksgiving break consisted of lots of food, lots of wine, and family gatherings as I am sure many other peoples’ did as well. It seems like the eating and drinking never stopped. In the past this would have caused a lot of stress and internal turmoil. I would feel I should be “perfect” before and after the holiday to make up for all the extra food and alcohol consumed. While, yes, excess calories can lead to weight gain that does not mean that you need to miss out on holidays, parties, family gatherings, or food-based gifts this time of year. Holidays come around once a year and those meals will not be what lead to weight gain. It’s habits that determine our health and our weight. So enjoy that slice of pie and know that once you get back home and into your routine you’ll more than likely gravitate towards your old habits.

Over break most meals were followed by dessert, typically pie. Back in my home, my dessert will either be tea or some chocolate but nothing too crazy. I also find that my body is not craving sweets after having so many.


Over break most of my days were spent at home without much activity. Back in the city I will be walking about 2.5 miles per day to go to work.

Over break day drinking was not uncommon (we love to taste different wines), but since I am back to work this week I will likely withhold from drinking during the week. My body is also craving water like it’s going out of style.


Over break I didn’t eat many vegetables, usually going back for seconds (and thirds) of stuffing. Stuffing is not something I ever have other than Thanksgiving. My meals will now include more salads at lunch and vegetables with dinner.


If you return to your old habits and find that there is still progress to be made, that’s okay too. Our lives are ever changing and so should our habits and our choices.