Weekends versus Weekdays

Weekends are a time to catch up on sleep after a busy work week.


Weekends are a time to meal prep to have food ready for the week so you don’t have to eat takeout every night.


Weekends are a time to do things that you enjoy and don’t have time for during the week.


So many people view weekends as a time to let loose. A time to stray from their diets or exercise plans. Research has shown that restrictive eating leads to binge eating. And similarly when you only let yourself eat the foods you enjoy on weekends you’re more than likely to go overboard.  

Sometimes eating a rather large meal or going overboard isn’t terrible, it’s life. Maybe you’re with friends and lost in the moment so you aren’t paying attention to your hunger cues. Maybe the food is so good that you just want a few more bites and then a few more. Maybe you’re overly tired and can’t identify your hunger or fullness cues.

That last one was me on Friday night. I came home from work and laid on my bed in my jacket and shoes and fell asleep for an hour. Full on drool alert. Then my roommate asked if I wanted to order Thai food. Hell yes. Pad Thai and crispy Brussels sprouts for the win. All in my belly. I went to bed full but I have learned that my body struggles to walk a straight line when I’m tired (literally and figuratively). Meaning I really just couldn’t tell when I was full.


Come Saturday I kept things simple. Toast with peanut butter for breakfast, an RXbar and banana for a snack, and a veggie burger and salad for dinner. I also nibbled on some peanut butter filled chocolate. I had half a bar because I know I can enjoy it during the week too or whenever I want it. In the past when I would only let myself eat sweets on the weekend I would eat it all. I would never have had half of a chocolate bar.

Enjoy the food you like all week long. Don’t think of weekends as different. They’re just two days when you don’t (usually) have to work.