Truth: I want to lose 5 pounds

I’m a dietitian. I like to identify as a non-diet dietitian. I allow all foods in my diet.

I’m also a young woman. I’ve struggled with body image my whole life. And truth be told, I think I would like to be at a lower weight.


People can be healthy at any size, meaning that just because you’re in a heavier body doesn’t mean you’re any less healthy than someone in a smaller body and vice versa. And so just because I am a heavier weight than two years ago does not necessarily mean I am less healthy than I was two years ago.

However, I can tell you that my current habits are less healthy than in past years and so I am less healthy. But you see, you’d have to talk to me and delve deep to get to that conclusion not just look at my weight. The main goal and indicators are my overall health and habits, not my weight.


I don’t believe in diets. I believe in lifestyle changes and finding ways to fit your favorite foods into your diet. I also believe that sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your diet or your lifestyle to see where you can make some meaningful, healthy changes and IF you’re willing to make them.

I like to choose a few indicators that may help me measure my health. My weight overall may or may not change because, people can become healthier without losing weight. Sure I’m human and would like to lose a few pounds but I’ll view it a success if I stick to my healthy habits, not if the number on the scale goes down. 



Despite having these goals for improving my health, I also plan to live my life. When friends want to get dinner, I’ll be there. When I go home for the holidays I will have pie. But I want to be more conscious about these choices and this process is helping me be aware. I want to make choices that feel good in the moment but also in the future. But I also don’t want to miss out on life because I’m on a diet. Last night I went to dinner with a friend. I barely had any vegetables and then we got the biggest dessert. I didn’t feel great after (hello bloat) but it was certainly an experience. An eating experience and a learning experience. For me there needs to be a balance of my hobbies (eating out) and healthier choices. But I also can make healthier choices while eating out which I’m aware of but need to work on. 


Please note, what works for some people may not work for you. If you’re thinking about making changes to your diet or lifestyle ease consult a dietitian or doctor.