Double Chin

This week I tried a new-to-me restaurant and a new-to-me neighborhood. Double Chin in Chinatown.

My friend and I headed through the rain to Chinatown after work. It was dark and dreary but a perfect day for a friend date. We were the second “couple” there and at one point were the only customers before the crowds rolled in. I love early dinners because I can still be in bed by 8pm.


The menu was expansive and a bit overwhelming for girl new to Chinatown. BUT obviously I had done my research beforehand.

We started with the roast duck scallion pancake. Oh my GOD. The flavor and texture was out of this world. We both could not stop talking about it. We wished so badly that we had more. 


For my entree I went with the Portuguese chicken rice with coconut milk and turmeric cheese. So many people had raved about it on Instagram so I felt like I had to try it. The only vegetable in it was onions so I ordered a side of the daily vegetable which was bigger than the rice dish. My friend went with the stir fry ramen which had an interesting presentation. 


We were full but I never not look at the dessert menu. We felt inclined to get something because everything was so unique. I’m one to choose the thing that the place is known for or what’s unique. So, we went with the muddy madness cube toast. It was the most interesting and expensive dish of the night.


I had so much fun. Maybe it was the new and interesting food but I think it was making time for a friend. I need to do this more. We can’t wait to go back for all the scallion pancakes and to try the dumplings and spring rolls...we skipped that page.