The Best Day

Happy December everyone! Time flies when you’re an adult...I feel like I blink and miss whole days. Here’s to hoping I can savor as much of the holiday season as possible before it passes. 

I woke up Saturday morning around 10am since I had a late night drinking wine and eating all the cheese with my two best friends from graduate school. I quickly got ready and ate breakfast before running out the door to catch the train. Gabby and I were meeting in the South End to go to the Sowa Winter Market, one of my favorite events of the year. We got there about an hour after it began and there was already a wicked long line, but this gave us ample time to catch up. Luckily, the line moved pretty quickly and, honestly, I was glad people were regulating admission because last year it was PACKED. This time around I could visit vendors without people elbowing me left and right.

First stop, coffee. Blackbird Donuts was stationed right at the entrance so we both grabbed a coffee and Gabby enjoyed a gingerbread donut. Their blend is so delicious and if I lived closer would definitely buy their beans. We covered the perimeter first before exploring the center aisles, you really have to go in with a plan otherwise you can miss whole sections! The first purchase I made was for myself (cue eye roll) when I saw these cute magnets of the city. I got the Boston magnet set and then went back for a Cambridge one since I needed to include all the places where I have lived so far (Allston, Cambridge, Charlestown). The vendor was very understanding and let me get the Cambridge one for $1!


My next purchase was a gift from a Burlap company in Maine. I actually am going back next weekend to pick up my print and honestly may buy myself one…or two. There were so many prints throughout the whole market and I truly had to resist purchasing all of the ones that I wanted. It’s hard when you live in an apartment because you don’t want to purchase many things not knowing what your future home will look like. Some of my favorite wall art were from Fiber and Water, Rusty and Ingrid, and Laurel Greenfield. It was great to meet Laurel who is behind Laurel Greenfield because I follow her on Instagram and have been loving her art. I just looked her up online and she even has iphone covers!


The jewelry at Sowa was amazing as well. Last year at a summer market my sister and I both purchased rings from Cristina Garcia and I have been admiring her jewelry ever since. This year I also stumbled upon Little Pancakes; I love their name and their jewelry. Another favorite was All Good Things are Wild and Free. The simple yet classy designs were so tempting, but alas I am trying to buy presents for other people. I did buy myself some shower shots, but those were much cheaper than jewelry. The magnets were a spontaneous buy, but that happens…especially to me if you ask my dad.


After Sowa, Gabby and I just started walking through the South End without a plan or a destination. We stumbled upon a store called Gifted and both spent a good chunk of money, but I can finally say I am done Christmas shopping! The store had adorable ornaments, trinkets, hats, jewelry and so much more. I could have looked around for hours and we did spend a quality amount of time there. We continued our walk through the South End and came upon Lush on Newbury Street. I had never been there before and got sucked into the face mask section where I purchase (for myself) a rejuvenating face mask. December is the month of self-care for Megan so I guess these purchases are okay :)


Our walk brought us past two weddings and into Boston Common to look at the lights. One section of the park is all white lights and the other section is all different colors; Gabby and I both preferred the white lights. Seeing the tree in the Commons inspired us to continue our walk to Faneuil Hall to see that tree. We kept walking to the North End for more lights before calling it quits and heading to the train station. Six hours and seven miles later our bodies were TIRED, not to mention our credit cards.

I spent the rest of the night decorating my Christmas tree and wrapping presents. Tis the season to explore, enjoy the holiday spirit, and be grateful for friendships.