The First 10 Days

December is ⅓ of the way over...time flies. I’ve been doing relatively well with my advent calendar, some days better than others. It’s challenged me to think of myself each day and what I need.

Day 1: “light-seeing”

Gabby and I walked through the commons, Faneul Hall, and the North End to see the lights. It was gorgeous and a lot of steps!


Day 2: Sweat it out

My goal for December is to incorporate the Insanity workouts into as many days as I can.


Day 3: Drink hot chocolate

I didn’t have hot chocolate at home so I balled out and bought the Lake Champlain hot chocolate to remind me of my previous home, Vermont. Enjoyed with a splash of Bailey’s for holiday cheer.


Day 4: Go ice skating

I have been exhausted since we are a bit understaffed at work and, therefore, opted for Netflix and Chill.


Day 5: Paint festive nails


Day 6: Enjoy some wine

I was supposed to do this on thursday but knew I would be drinking wine Friday while on a date. Friday I certainly a glass or two.


Day 7: Buy lipstick

I ended up using the shower shot that I bought myself the weekend prior. Note the name...I needed it. I also bought myself more gifts at the Sowa Winter Market...can’t stop.


Day 8: Sweat it out

I worked Sunday and saved my workout for after, it was just what I needed.


Day 9: Write a letter to Julie’s new house

I’m trying to be happy for her and not compare myself. It’s easy to think I’m not doing as well in life because I’m single, can’t afford a house, and am still finding my footing in the workforce. But I’m living in a city I enjoy and doing things that make me happy. 


Day 10: Make something new for dinner

I found a new salad recipe on one of my favorite blogs. A mix of Brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds, avocado, and walnuts. The flavors, textures, and colors are amazing.


Put yourself first this holiday season, you deserve it.