All the Feels

Whenever I go to Vermont I feel so calm and comforted, it honestly feels like home. From the crisp air, the views, and of course the people, it all feels so nostalgic and perfect. 


My first night involved lots of local beer, local cheese, and local ice cream (I don’t think local French fries are a thing). I met Rebecca at the Farmhouse Parlor for a few drinks, which turned into apps and many drinks, we had SO much to catch up on. Friends joined us later into the night to keep the party going and many laughs were had. This girl rallied until about 11:30 when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so I chugged some seltzer, ate Ben and Jerry’s and went to bed.


The next morning Colleen and I drove to Jeanne’s to bake cookies. This is our NINTH year baking Christmas cookies together and it was so nice to share with Colleen. It’s one of my favorite days full of chatter, cookies, and carols. this year we made créeme de menthe bars, millionaire bars, crinkle cookies, pistachio sables, and rum no bake cookies. They were all superb! 


To round out the evening we went to dinner at The Hatchet in Richmond which literally had hatchets on the walls. We drank more local beer, ate all the Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese (seriously, it was on almost every menu item), and played shuffleboard! Jon and I won in case anyone was wondering. What I truly love is how Jeanne, Jon and I can go from talking about travel and light hearted things to financial contributions to our retirement funds. Our conversations are never short of interesting or educational.


Sunday morning included a wonderful walk down the road to see the farm animals and enjoy the mountains. Their neighbor has alpaca and donkeys! They were very photogenic and friendly!


For lunch, Jeanne and Jon took me to Railroad & Main where I had a truly fantastic burger with balsamic reduction and parmesan aioli. I was craving a side salad...but it ended up being iceberg lettuce with shredded cheese on it? I questioned the thought process behind that, I can never rid myself of the dietitian/foodie mind. I still ate it for some vitamins and minerals, though, because my body was literally begging me for something nutrient dense.  

After lunch I was dropped off at Maia and Joe’s where we watched the Great British Baking Show before going on a nature walk with the dogs. There’s nothing more I enjoy than nature, some dogs, and my favorite couple to hang out with. It was short but sweet. 


I’m on the bus ride home content that I was able to see so many people during this quick trip up North. Content that I spent time in my favorite state enjoying all it had to offer. Content that Christmas shopping is definitely done and I have cookies to share. My pants are definitely tighter now (heck, I’m wearing my leggings) and I feel a bit bloated, but I have no regrets...besides maybe late night Ben and Jerry’s. But that happens. Do I regret the Baileys and vanilla vodka I had Saturday? Or the Upper Pass beers on Friday? Or the burger today? Or cookies? Heck no. Sometimes you don’t think about food and just be and those times are the best times. Food should not control you. If you’re concentrating on life and friends and happiness and eat a bit more than “normal” or something higher in calories, that’s better than missing out on events to eat portion controlled “healthier” foods isn’t it?