Christmas Cookies

And pies. And cakes. And eggnog. All the delicious yet calorie dense foods.  


The holidays can be a delicious time of year but also daunting for many of us. So how do we balance those sweet treats without going overboard? It may look different for everyone but here are some tips. 

1. Drink plenty of water. I’m talking 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Oftentimes cravings hit when we’re dehydrated and it’s difficult to differentiate between hungry and thirsty. 

2. Don’t skip meals. This will lead to insatiable hunger which often leads to sugary cravings and overeating because your body wants (and needs) that quick energy. 


3. Check in with yourself before eating. Are you really hungry? Or are you stressed or overstimulated? It’s easy to confuse hunger pangs with other physical or emotional feelings. Take a deep breath and listen to your body.

4. Scope out the spread before making a plate. Take it all in and then decide what you really want. If you want a little bit of everything then go for it, there’s nothing wrong with that. Simply choose the foods that you truly want, not the foods that are just the lowest calories.

5. Choose the treats that you rarely see or get to eat. Chocolate chip cookies? Nah, pass the bourbon pecan pie please (I just made that up).   

6. You do not have to work off what you eat. Your bodies deserves some sweets and while yes they may be a bit more calorie dense than usual that doesn’t make them bad or unworthy.  



I type this after I just ate 3 cookies from my stash in the freezer. These cookies come once a year and boy oh boy are they decadent (check out the previous post). I had been wanting a cookie...or a few...since this afternoon and after thinking about it realized that I just dang wanted a cookie. So you know what? I ate that damn cookie. And then some. 

happy holidays!