A Trip Up North

Friday I hopped on Amtrack after work (yes, it’s that easy) and journeyed up North to visit the twin and Greg at their new house. Let me take a minute for Amtrack, since it’s my preferred means of travel. Decent prices, extremely comfortable seating, ample leg room, courteous staff, and always on time. It makes it so easy to visit Julie and that’s why I love it the most. Thinking about visiting her once a month since I really miss her.


Anyways, Ingot to Julie’s just in time to cook up some venison tacos and have some wine while lounging with the dogs. There’s honestly nothing better. Now that I have my own room I can also put myself to bed without forcing everyone else to go to sleep (I used to sleep on the pullout couch). Which I did do on Friday...I woke up to a text from Julie asking if I was alive. Yup, just tired and always shooting for that twelve hours on a Friday night.


In the morning Greg requested oatmeal! Imagine how excited I was to cook up some oats to try and turn someone to the oat side. I made whipped banana oats with milk as a base to which I had peanut butter and Julie and Greg had maple syrup. 


Later that morning Julie and I walked through the surrounding land/reservoir to let Lyla run and so I could scope it out. It’s so nice that she has a path right outside her door for the dogs to run. She also has a good amount of land herself with some interesting boulders.


After the walk Julie had some miles to do so of course I tagged along. She had to run for half an hour, which didn’t seem like a lot until it was happening. This girl does not run much anymore. At first we drove down one road that was all puddles and ice, but eventually found a quiet neighborhood to run in. It was great besides the hills, which I complained about the whole time. I was happy we found somewhere Julie can run outside safely, though. She also just bought  treadmill and a spin bike...not jealous. 

Then we tried out her home gym! She had a spin bike delivered that morning, which Greg set up in the basement so I convinced Julie to do a T25 workout with me to round out the day. My legs are sore today, but Julie’s always ready for more.  

In the afternoon she took me to Calef’s Corner Store to look at the cute kitchen supplies and to get sandwiches. I went with the chicken salad on anadama bread. Sweet and savory all in one! I love cute, small towns.  It certainly forces people to cook and not eat out as much as in the city. 


Greg had ordered a KitchenAid mixer that was delivered that day, too, so he made cookies while I lounged with the pups some more. We also made pizza dough for dinner, but we were without yeast so it was definitely thin, dense crust. The cheese made the pizza, though. Smoky cheddar and Ale brewed cheddar from Calef’s. Enjoyed with a local IPA while watching The Sinner. Julie and I stayed up late watching and then couldn’t fall asleep...you know, nightmares. 


Sunday morning Julie requested MORE OATMEAL! Who is this?! And so I’m definitely going to write an extra post this week featuring my oatmeal recipes! We ate breakfast while finishing The Sinner and then doing a quick workout. My body was so tired so my workout was a bit half assed, but Julie got to test out her spin bike!  


Now I’m on the train back to Boston feeling a little sad because I said goodbye to Julie. I’m also still in awe that Julie and Greg bought a house. And are buying/doing all these grown up things. I still feel like I’m 23 and just out of college. It’s tough sometimes, but I know everything happens for a reason and right now I’m just happy for and proud of the twin.And excited to have my own room and key!