A Spontaneous Saturday

Usually when I work the weekend I bunker down on Saturday (when I’m on call). I typically will clean, meal prep, and do laundry, but not this weekend. This girl was spontaneous. And now I have a lot of laundry to do sometime this week…Spontaneity often means less structure and control. While that can be stressful because maybe you miss a workout (yup) or eat no vegetables (yup) it’s usually because you’re having fun (yup).


Friday night I went on a date at Earl’s in Assembly Row. I hadn’t been there before, but it was a nice place albeit a bit loud. I’ve realized I like sitting at a bar for a date because you can sit next to the person and it’s easier to hear (it also implies you’re just doing drinks since dinner can be awkward and long). I like to take each date as a learning experience and this time around I learned that I should trust my gut…when it comes to wine. Yes, I should trust my gut when it comes to guys, but I already do that. Anyways, at this restaurant they had a 6 ounce pour and a 9 ounce pour of wine. I asked the waitress “which is a ‘normal’ pour” and she said that the 6 ounce is small. Naturally I went with the 9 ounce pour which was $16, I mean who wants a small glass of wine on a Friday night? Two glasses later and I was a wee bit wobbly seeing as I didn’t really eat until I had some buffalo chicken pizza in my bed at 11pm…yes it happened. In my uber home I did the math and realized that I almost drank a whole bottle of wine, 70% to be exact…goodness, Megan. Alas, I learned that “normal” pours of wine, or what the Dietary Guidelines would deem 1 glass, is 5 OUNCES!!


Needless to say I woke up feeling dehydrated and not great Saturday morning. My roommate took one look at me and told me to go back to sleep. I fell back asleep for another 4 hours (seriously, who am I?) and woke up at 10:30 with my alarm. I had brunch plans at noon so naturally I had to set an alarm…I can hear my parents rolling their eyes. Sarah and her roommate picked me up and we drove over to Cambridge to go to Little Donkey. We met Sarah’s good friend, Aude, and her husband, Nico, who just moved from France! I met Aude a few years ago and we had the best time out on the town in good ol’ Plymouth. Needless to say it was great meeting Nico and they’re an adorable couple. I love meeting people who are so comfortable meeting others and talking as if you’ve known each other forever. I honestly didn’t even remember I was on call.

Food wise, I wasn’t feeling anything sweet since I always want eggs after a night of drinking. This restaurant is very unique and flavorful, which normally I’m all about, but it was a little hard for me to pick an entree since I was hungover. I went with the carnitas hash with an over easy egg and black bean toast. I had the black bean spread on the side (it was a substitute for butter) and just ate it plain. Girl just wanted some carbs and eggs with buttah.


After brunch (or lunch) I hopped on the train to the South End to meet up with Christine to go to Sowa. I needed to pick up a gift that I bought the weekend before and she wanted to explore. The wait in line at Sowa flew by because we had so much to talk about and catch up on. This was Christine’s first Sowa and I think it went pretty well. She almost bought so many things which is basically what I did last weekend. Luckily I had the chance to go back and buy all the things I wanted…for myself. I bought myself a ring, an elephant succulent, and more mead even though I still have some from last year. I was feeling very "treat yo self” after a rather challenging week .


After Sowa I showed her the gift store right by her apartment and Christine went crazy treating herself. She seriously deserved it, though, because she has been dealt a rather challenging card as well. What I’ve realized is challenge is relative and can be different for everyone. There’s no one way to quantify it and so if someone is having a hard time, no matter the reason, you should find a way to be supportive and compassionate. For me and Christine it often means a quality vent session, her calling me out on things, me telling her she needs to take time for herself, and then lots of cuddling. And that’s exactly what we did.

We got back to her apartment and lounged with her roommate, Ellie. Let me just say one thing, this girl is hysterical is every way possible, but also so incredible caring. Honestly, one of the first times we hung out she asked me anything and everything about being a clinical dietitian and about blogging because she truly wanted to understand and know more about me and what I do. You don’t find many people like that. She also is a die-hard Tiny Kitchen Cook reader and that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because its the select few like her that keep me writing.

We eventually decided to ball out on some take out. Any time I eat out or order in I consider it an opportunity to 1. Try a place I have never been before or 2. Try something I would not normally cook for myself. But if I’m alone it’s usually sushi or a poke bowl. We ultimately decided on Sweet Cheeks even though it took us forever to decide. At one point while waiting for the food I told Christine that it was close and her jaw just dropped (since we had been waiting a while). Ellie thought her Diet Coke had spilled on the couch, but Christine goes, “no my mouth is still just open because the food is almost here.” A few minutes later Ellie and I were watching the delivery guy on the virtual map and Ellie goes “the dot is turning me on.” Just some girls who love food.


I went with the BBQ brisket (obviously) and we all shared an order of ribs, because why not? I also insisted that we get biscuits because I have read reviews about them and turns out they were the unanimous favorite of the meal. You’re welcome. I’m still amazed at the quality of the food because our delivery guy was riding a BIKE! Like excuse me, sir, but don’t you know it’s cold out?!


After dinner Ellie convinced us all to watch The Good Place and cuddle on the couch (not that we needed convincing to cuddle). I stayed out later than I normally do on a school night and ate all my meals out, but it was exactly what I needed. And let me tell you, The Good Place is my new feel good show. Everyone needs a show to laugh at especially in the winter when the days are short and life can just feel hard and messy.


Thank you Ellie and Christine for pulling me out of my funk, calling me out on my “shirt” (they can’t swear in The Good Place), and eating copious amounts of BBQ with me even if you did keep the last biscuit to yourselves. It was honestly the perfect night even though I still need to do laundry, haven’t cooked in a while, and was a bit tired this morning. 100% worth it.