Julia and I made brunch plans this past Saturday. The best part about brunching with Julia is that we are both early risers do brunch is really a big breakfast. We made reservations at Cafe Luna for 9am when they opened. It was a beautiful day and I waited in line in the sun for them to open. This was my debut of my jumpsuit as well!


Julia arrived and we were seated. The restaurant was PACKED. We sat in the sunshine/shade and started chatting and never stopped.  

I ordered Nitro cold brew because I am officially obsessed. It was served in a cocktail glass, I loved it. For an appetizer we went with the grilled buttermilk biscuits served with honey butter. I will dream about these biscuits.  


For my main meal I chose the roasted vegetable hash as an omelet...but I was slightly disappointed. I thought the omelet would have more vegetables...I should have gotten it as the hash... 


I do want to go back and try their sweeter breakfast options, but after having sweet wine and ice cream the night before I just wasn’t feeling it.  

We ate and talked some more. It is always so nice catching up with Julia. We can talk about everything.  I was sad when we had to leave but I walked through Central Square to pick up a few things at Target before heading home to work on the blog and do laundry. Exciting day! Any day that starts with brunch is a good day! I wish my budget allowed for it more (but who am I kidding, I always go over my budget).