Many Factors

I haven’t been great about mindful eating this week for a number of reasons. But I am aware that there are a number of factors that contributed to this. And most importantly, one part of intuitive eating is being aware of how I feel after certain choices and acknowledging those feelings without judgement. So here I am.

First and foremost my schedule is out of whack this week since I worked on Sunday.


I am also very tired. Whenever I’m tired I have a harder time listening to my hunger cues or even distinguishing between hunger and other feelings. It’s frustrating for me. The other day I took a solid nap AND went to bed early. When I’m tored I often eat out or get take out...


I’m thirsty. I remember a few years ago I was convinced I had diabetes because I was SO thirsty all the time. Turns out working in air conditioning can do that to you. I’ve been drinking quite a bit but it’s never enough. And when I’m thirsty I often get those feelings mixed up with happens.

I am going on vacation at the end of this week. That means I’m trying to finish all my food. I’ve been bringing leftovers to lunch and that means more carbohydrates and consequently fewer big salads. I also finished the leafy greens from my CSA. Which isn’t a bad thing! It takes practice to spread it out.


So yes, all of these factors, have influenced my eating habits in a way that doesn’t make me feel the greatest. I’m a bit more sluggish. I feel a bit more puffy and bloated. There are moments of judgement, I am human after all, but for the most part I’m aware. I try to let those judgements slip by without acknowledgement. It’s a work in progress just like intuitive or mindful eating.