Julie and I got to Maine on Friday. She spent the day working while Mom, Dad and I volunteered for Travis Mills. Mom and I were called for help with planting flower boxes. Anything for the Travis Mills Foundation.


Saturday was our first official day together. I spent the morning napping (why am I so tired?!) before working out. Julie went for a run, Mom did 21 Day Fix and I did 80 Day Obsession. So proud of us all for getting our sweat on. Afterwards Julie and I floated in the water with a beer and talked. I ended up so so so burnt...  


I’m so upset with myself. I put on sunscreen but not good enough...and didn’t reapply. I’m angry for not taking better care of my skin. I’m anxious about putting myself at risk for skin cancer. And I’m upset that I’m likely going to be in pain for the rest of my vacation.  


Then I thought how I can learn from this for next time and move on without judgement. Just like intuitive eating!  Rather than beat myself up over a sunburn or a large bowl of ice cream, I can look at it as a learning experience. 


Did I enjoy it in the moment? 

Yes. I greatly enjoyed sipping an IPA and talking to my sister about everything under the sun (while literally burning under the sun). 



How do you feel after? 

Grateful for time with my sister, but uncomfortable and in pain because of the sunburn. 


How can I adjust next time? 

Be more diligent with sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. I should also remember that this pale skin is very sensitive the first time it sees sun and should be gradually introduced to summer sun. Aka spend shorter amounts of time in the sun at first while building up my tolerance.  


Ask yourself these three questions the next time you’re being hard on yourself for something. It will help you analyze the situation without judgement and create a plan for moving forward. After all that’s all we can do in life is move forward.