An Ode to my Twin

I’m trying to get Julie to take an extra day off so she can stay in Maine until Wednesday. But no matter how much beer or groveling she just won’t budge.  

You see, I LOVE the time I get to spend with my sister. And to top it off the time we spend together in a Maine is extra special because it’s so relaxing, quiet, and full of good memories. You can disconnect, stay in a bathing suit all day, and day drink until it’s time for dinner and Giffords ice cream. #thewaylifeshouldbe

To me, Julie is the funniest. She’s always joking and laughing. Except when she’s stressed but she’s only human. She got these new overalls and drinks her beer out of a straw in the pocket.  


Her dog is also the funniest and plays fetch with herself by nosediving into the water. And she peed in the lake...full on squat. I wonder where she learned that Julie?!


Julie is the most dedicated. She is currently working on training plans for her runners. She also spent a good portion of the day doing PT exercises to strengthen her knee. One of the main reasons she “has” to go home is to go to PT

Julie is my home. I feel at home with her. I feel comfortable. Sure I revert back to high school ways of comparison but she’s my best friend. We can talk about serious things (Dad just asked us who our beneficiary is...) or less serious things (which photo is good enough for Instagram. She’s also the first to grab me a beer or vice versa. We keep up with each other in the local beer game. 

I love you Jules. Wish you would stay in Maine a few more days but I understand you have a life to get back to. Just know I look up to that life and your dog-mom-awesomeness and your rocking bod. You’re so dedicated and motivated and you’re a true inspiration. I’m going to miss you. Keep on being you.