Pamper Yourself

Some weeks feel like they never end. There’s just not enough time in the day. To top it off I’ve had numerous things to do after work and lots of challenges come up at work. AND it’s so humid, as my coworker puts it “I want to peel my skin off.” Not really, though, because that’s gross.

I used to look at these weeks as a time to skip the workout, eat takeout or not-so-healthy meals, and drink mucho alcohol. Now, every once and a while that’s totally fine, but it’s times like these to focus on the self care and what will feel good for longer than the present.

Some tips for when the weeks drag on:

Move your body. Maybe you do the workout that you had planned or you just go for a walk. Both are forms of exercise that your body will thank you for. Ten minutes or forty minutes, it doesn’t matter. You can always try and if you aren’t feeling it then don’t force it. But usually once you start you will likely finish. First step, put on workout clothes.


Cook up something nutritious. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant meal, but it should have some fruit or vegetables to fight off oxidation (aka damage from stress). Some quick meals that I love are:

  • Toast, eggs, and carrots
  • Yogurt, cereal, and fruit
  • Annie’s, chicken sausage, and peas
  • Spaghetti, veggie burger, and sautéed vegetables
  • Easy fried rice
  • Sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Avocado egg toast

And if you don’t have food to cook or time to do it, get some take out but choose something steamed or baked instead of fried, heavy on the vegetables, and eat a reasonable portion. Leftovers are the best! Your body will thank you.


Sleep! When you get enough sleep or quality sleep your physical and mental well-being benefits. Lack of sleep can cause you to overeat, not exercise, and just feel “meh”. By giving yourself a bed time you’re setting yourself up for success. Now put down the phone, turn off the TV, and crawl into bed.

These are the three BIG things that I focus on. If I find I still need self care then I will FaceTime my mom, watch a funny show on Netflix, drink tea, or take a long shower. Self care looks different for everyone and sometimes it includes alcohol and eating out but it’s all about finding a balance.