Fun Friday

Last week was the longest four day week of my life. Even after having Monday off and basically being bum and sleeping all day I was still beat come Friday. 

After putting in a full day of work I decided to walk from Charlestown to Cambridge. Google Maps said it would take about 40 minutes, which was perfect. I began the walk listening to some music and I must say Spotify without ads is quite amazing.


About halfway through the walk I started through a park that I’ve only seen from the edge before. There’s something about living in the city where I feel like I’m always trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. It’s usually because I want to get my workout in and make dinner and not be in bed too late. But where’s the fun in that. On this day I was dumbfounded by the beauty of Boston. I was actually smiling to myself. Sure it’s not the mountains of Vermont but it’s beautiful in its own way.  


Hidden parks that feel like an oasis in the midst of concrete.  


Skate parks hidden under a bridge that I’ve driven on hundreds of times to go to Maine.



And boardwalks that make you forget that you’re in a city...until the Green Line train goes by on the bridge. 


I’ve taken the train by here so many times and never until that day taken the time to find out what it was like. Boy have I been missing out. It would be so easy for me to walk to the bus from work. 

What I loved most about this day was the spontaneity. I wasn’t trying to rush home to workout before dinner. I wasn’t trying to be anywhere specific. And because of that I found a beautiful spot, I worked up a sweat (unfortunately, given that I was wearing tight pants and a silk top), talked to my cousin, found a great deal at Old Navy on my favorite dresses, read my book outside, and got dinner with my roommates. It was a great way to end my birthday week. And I feel like it took me 27 years to realize that having a schedule is great, but you really need some spontaneous days to slow down, take in your surroundings and really appreciate what life has given you.  


And finally, because this is a food blog. Here are some pictures from dinner at Lone Star! 

I started with a gimlet style margarita. Any gimlet and I will order it, but I’ll always prefer a gin base.

Then we shared some chips and guacamole and street corn.


For dinner I went with one carnitas taco and one beef barbacoa taco. These tacos blew my mind. I need to stop over stuffing mine and focus on flavor and high quality corn tortillas.


I also stole quite a few bites of Chloe’s nachos! All the homemade chips and sauces.


Huge shoutout to the best roommates that I found on Craigslist! I know I’m quiet and go to bed early but you girls are the best! You truly made my birthday special with flowers, the cutest card, and a delicious birthday dinner.