Moving Day Madness

Moving is one of the worst things ever. It’s exhausting, it takes over your life, and it’s stressful. I have been living out of boxes for the past week and couldn’t wait to move. But then once I move I feel stressed that everything isn’t how I dreamed it would be. The paint isn’t perfect or the kitchen isn’t organized how I would like. Or things don’t get put away as quickly as I’d like. Stress here and stress there. 

It’s in moments like these, when stress is coming at you from so many angles, that you need to be flexible in other areas of your life. This may mean changing up (or even skipping) workouts, eating takeout or whatever is available, and allowing things to wait until tomorrow.


The night before my move I stayed up later than normal drinking white wine and prosecco with my roommates. The next morning I had a wine headache and was so tired. I got up at seven to say goodbye to Chloe but then spent the rest of the morning napping until my parents showed up! I basically need 12 hours of sleep on days off...this is why I go to bed early.

I also was more relaxed with food. I have some potatoes and beets from my CSA but not much else. For breakfast I had some oatmeal, ½ a falafel sandwich for lunch, the other half for a snack, and a gigantic salad from Whole Foods for dinner. Sometimes takeout of convenience foods are all you can muster. 

In regards to exercise, I took Monday off so my muscles wouldn’t be sore. Then the day of moving I counted moving as my exercise and boy was it exhausting. The rest of the week I will likely do some shorter workouts from T25. I finished phase three of 80 Day Obsession but the hour long workouts six days a week has been a bit too much for me lately and with moving this week and organizing it’s just too much. 


Moral of of the story: you don’t have to be perfect. Cut yourself some slack when there are other stressors in your life.