Whirlwind Week

Oh my goodness this week was a doozy. I worked the weekend, which meant I had Tuesday off. Normally I’d sleep in and basically be a lazy bum all day to catch up on my rest, but this particular Tuesday was moving day. I napped off and on until my parents showed up and then we snacked on sandwiches from All Star Sandwich Bar before getting started. I’m going to miss those sandwiches. 

Once we started moving I had so much energy! Maybe it’s because of all my napping. Or because I was so happy to see my parents. Or because I’m in better shape. But I was literally running up and down the stairs to bring down more loads. I even tried carrying the bureau by myself (in my defense my dad told me to jokingly), but the stairs were challenging. Overall it only took us maybe 3 hours?! That’s including my bike ride to Charlestown since my bike wouldn’t fit in the UHaul. Impressed.


The next few days were spent organizing and just learning the ins and outs of the new place. My roommates weren’t around so it was a bit challenging especially when the dishwasher leaked twice. Cue Megan breakdown complete with a FaceTime with Mom.


Friday was a welcome relief because I was going to Country fest! Some carefree fun was JUST what I needed. And it was so good to spend time with friends and make new friends. We tailgated with a delicious spread before heading to the arena. There was pasta salad, fruit salad, Italian subs, burgers and hot dogs, all the chips, cheese and crackers, popcorn, and blondies a la me. I also brought spiked seltzer which was a great way to initiate the drinking because once we got to the concert it was all about the beer. 


Saturday and Sunday I spent relaxing, seeing Christine (woohoo!!), finishing 80 Day Obsession, and meal prepping. I made a big batch of pesto pasta salad and some beet hummus (I was low on beets so I added a few roasted potatoes). Sunday morning I also made mashed banana and peanut butter pancakes! Basically just mashed a banana into the batter and swirled some peanut butter. A day without peanut butter is a wasted day in my opinion.  



I woke up happy on Saturday and the feeling continued all weekend. Happy to know that I have made friends in this new city that can sometimes be overwhelming. Happy that I have old friends around as well. Happy that I moved to a quaint part of the city that feels more like a home. There are families all around and it’s comforting. Overall this week was a whirlwind but it’s also taught me a lot and opened my eyes to everything I’m grateful for.  

 I’m also pretty pumped about my new hair cut.