The End of 80 Day Obsession

Remember how I had a second wind of energy for phase three? Well then life got busy and my second wind died down. Throughout this process I learned that it’s not about being perfect, but doing your best and shifting when things need to shift. 

I managed to get my workouts done up until the week before the wedding in Vermont. That week I had so much extra stuff on my plate and honestly I could have been better about planning my time. The downfall all stemmed from working on Sunday and being so so tired all week.  Therefore, I had to make some compromises.


Compromise number one: I ended up repeating that week (the one prior to the wedding) of workouts because this girl likes to complete things to the best of my ability and that wasn’t the best in my mind. Overall I was happy with that decision because I felt like I gave each workout my all.

Compromise number two: I really don’t enjoy the cardio flow workout, there are too many ups and downs.  So after Maia and I swapped in a run for that workout I have counted other forms of cardio. Most days it was a run but one day it was moving. Overall I was proud of this decision because instead of skipping the workout I found something else that worked for me.


Compromise number three: I switched up my days off to days when I really needed them. Most of the time Sunday is a feasible day for me to get a workout in whereas some weekdays are tough. One week I worked out twice in one day to get two days off. Overall I was happy with this decision because I was listening to my body.


And there you have it! The compromises that I made in order to say I finished 80 Day Obsession! And I completed it without making many changes to my diet! I’m happy with that decision too because throughout those 80 days I went to brewfest, a wedding, country fest and celebrated my birthday. None of those I want to miss out on and for this foodie that means enjoying some delicious food and drinks!

I’m not sure if my weight has changed because I have zero desired to weight myself. I’ve lost almost 5 inches from my arms and legs since I started and feel stronger overall. That’s a giant win in my book! Would I do it again? Probably, but right now I could use more rest days or free days to enjoy other activities. And shorter workouts...definitely shorter workouts.