Butt Kicking

This week kicked my butt and I’m not even sure why...it coulf have been trying to get the swing of things in my new apartment. Or it was just a bit busier at work (but was it?!) All I know is it’s Friday and I could easily curl up with a movie and go to sleep. 

That being said, this week hasn’t been great in regards to my goals of leading a heart healthier lifestyle...and I hate to admit it. BUT at the same time it helps me realize just how difficult it is to make healthier choices. You really need to be inwardly motivated and I’m honestly not quite there. I merely feel like I should be more heart health conscious.  


Yet, even after finishing 80Day Obsession I’ve continued with my workouts! This week I also went on a run with Sarah through gorgeous Charlestown. So I’m not concerned about my HDL. HDL is impacted by exercise. 

My concern is my LDL. In terms of eating I should be proud of not having pizza this week....but I did still have cheese in my pesto pasta salad and shakshuka. I tried my best to eat salads topped with protein at work although today the protein was pulled pork. My downfall this week was ice cream. I had it when I went out to eat with Eliza and then Sarah and I had some last night and I ate some more of it today. It’s just calling my name from the fridge! 

There’s always going to be some part of my diet that I could improve on as I’m sure most people feel. I’m saying this so you all know that dietitians are not perfect! Just because I had ice cream a few nights this week doesn’t make me a failure. I’ve come so far over the years of allowing myself ice cream when I want it that I can have a portion of a pint over a few days or share ice cream with a friend at a restaurant and not need it all. Moderation can mean portion sizes or frequency.  



What’s  important in my mind mind right now when it comes to making healthier changes is compassion and fluidity.  

Compassion: Life doesn’t make things easy. One week you may be traveling and not in complete control of what you eat. Another week you might cook a lot. Or you may just be tired and less likely to make nutrient dense choices whether you’re cooking or not. BUT you’re aware and realize that you may not be making the best choices but also that there are barriers. Today I was exhausted but I still worked out and did my best at work. Now if I came home and ate bread and ice cream for dinner (I did), that’s not the end of the world because look at what else I accomplished! The barriers were crummy leftovers and exhaustion.  

Fluidity: Some weeks will be better than others. Some weeks you’ll crave all the vegetables and meal prep the heck out of your food. Other weeks your produce may go bad before you get to it and even worse you may just eat out a bunch or eat convenience foods and forget about the fresh stuff. Money down the drain...I’ve done it. You can never predict what life will throw at you! But I can tell you that whatever it throws and however that impacts you, what you eat isn’t the most important thing. Sure it can help and has an impact on your health, but it’s not the be all and end all (unless you have kidney disease or diabetes). So give yourself some compassion and go with the flow.