Dont Forget Your Favorite Foods

Raise your hand if at some point in time you’ve eliminated your favorite foods from your diet because you consider them “trigger foods.”? Anyone? I’m certainly raising my hand over here. In high school I tried only having dessert on Sundays. This was a disaster waiting to happen because I would crave sweets all week long and then eat nothing but sweets on Sunday. I would scroll through Pinterest all week thinking about what I wanted to make.  

These days I try to incorporate the foods I love into every day life (okay maybe not every single day). I saw a delicious ice cream cone this weekend and went for it. It didn’t matter that I had dessert the night before too.  I also love pizza and have it pretty frequently. I try to have a few pieces each time so I don’t feel like I need to stuff myself, but this girl has been known to finish ½ a pizza. I did that on a first date once...

One food I’ve struggled with in the past is pancakes. I LOVE pancakes, but I would always over eat them and then feel sick. Or I would feel hungry a few hours later and eat something else. So then I tried including protein with the pancakes, either eggs or peanut butter or yogurt. That helped me feel full longer but I still felt out of control around pancakes. In college I started having pancakes on weekdays and only then did it felt less like a treat and more like, well, breakfast. Now I can eat my pancakes AND feel satisfied. For breakfast this week I’ve been having a few pumpkin pancakes (they’re the FLUFFIEST) with peanut butter and jelly. 


Another food I‘m working on building a healthier relationship with is banana bread. It’s so delicious and I could eat it for breakfast or as a snack or even a side to a meal. Banana bread is especially tasty after a night out on the town. But I don’t always “allow” myself to have baked goods around so when I do I tend to feel out of control. I don’t tend to bake desserts unless I have a reason to and then I’ll enjoy a few bites and likely be satisfied because they’re so sweet. I also prefer buying baked goods because it’s often better than I could make. With a bread like this I like to know what’s in it and bake it at home. And then it’s always around, calling my name. 

The way I know I need to have it more often is when I feel like I need to have it. If I can have it around and feel comfortable and not feel driven to eat said food then we have a healthy relationship. It’s there when I want it and when I do eat it I’m neither being good nor bad. I’m just eating. And so just like I’m eating pancakes this week for breakfast just like I would oatmeal, I have banana bread in the oven. 


How to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet:

step 1: buy/make said food

step 2: eat it

step 3: don’t feel guilty

step 4: repeat