Weekend Highlights

I’ve been having a dilemma lately. Do I have any hobbies other than eating and drinking (and blogging). But for real, it feels like all I ever do is eat and drink which can get expensive in the city. This weekend included just that, but also lots of walking/exploring. 

Good eats: 

Homemade carrot green pesto with fresh homemade pasta and shrimp.


Avocado toast from Monument Tavern split with mom.


Brussels sprouts and bacon salad with chicken also from Monument Tavern.


A gorgeous cinnamon pecan muffin from Tatte (and an unpictured breakfast sandwich).




The Harvard Museum of Natural History on Museum Day. 


Exploring Charlestown and climbing Bunker Hill monument. 



Grateful for... 

Cousins who live/go to school close by. This girl can make me laugh! And she is brilliant and independent, I admire that.


My mom coming to visit and just talking and listening and being together. She and my dad just moved back to Mass and it feels so good to have them close by. It’s also great when your parents are more than parents but also friends.


Seriously, though. The Roberts family has great genes in that people look younger as they age. Please let me get those genes. 


I didnt get meal meal prep or laundry done BUT I did walk 5-6 miles each day and spent some quality time with family and my roommates. Can’t beat that!