Fall Baking

I know I promised a Friday post...I apologize. I was not feeling well unfortunately, and so I spent the evening eating toast, drinking Kombucha, and going to bed early. Feeling a bit better this morning and honestly this weather has me feeling all the feels. I just love Fall.  Update, still feeling “meh” so I continued with eating all the bread and drinking Kombucha.

Every Fall I get sincerely homesick. I miss crisp mornings at home, harvest fairs, apple picking, and family walks. I think that’s why I like Fall inspired things so much, it reminds me of home and of my family. Pumpkin reminds me of my mom. She has pumpkin pie every year for her birthday. Whereas the smell of fresh cut grass and fires reminds me of my dad. Also whenever I bake I imagine I’m back home with my mom sipping some wine with a candle burning and dad coming into the kitchen every once and a while to snag a bite of something sweet. Sums it up.

Today I spent the day in the kitchen and didn’t shower until 4pm. Best day in my opinion. I didn’t get any meal prep done but I DO NOT CARE. Food just doesn’t sound appealing to me right now. So instead I stuck to baking because I enjoy it and I was baking for others today, aka the best kind of baking. 

Well, not everything was for others. I started off by making a fresh batch of spent grain bread. The last batch didn’t rise enough because I froze it and was really dense and doughy: still super tasty but not a winner. So today I got to work with a new batch of spent grain. I followed the recipe to a T and was very patient. I owe my roommate some beer, though...I couldn’t get myself to open a tall boy of Zero Gravity when it was 10am, my stomach was off and I only needed ¼ cup.  


Patience and following directions paid off! My bread rose and cooked much better than last time! It’s still doughy on the inside but not as much and I like a good doughy bread, I mean who doesn’t?! 


Next up was a batch of pumpkin cream cheese brownies for a party I’m going to tonight (hopefully, if my stomach holds up). I made some in my skillet and they’re so cute despite not being swirled this time. 


Another birthday this weekend is my roommate’s so I wanted to make her a cake. I mixed all the dry ingredients together and dumped in the vegetable oil which immediately smelled like gasoline. So I dumped out that batch and started again. This time I made them with yogurt to replace the oil...but then once it was all mixed together I got paranoid about cross contamination with peanut butter. My roommate is allergic to peanuts and I often make oatmeal with yogurt and peanut butter so it’s likely I could have dipped something with peanut butter into the container. I let the cupcakes cook but knowing that I needed to get the right ingredients and basically go all in.

After a quick trip to Whole Foods and spending an arm and a leg on cake pans, I set to work. This time I used the cake flour that’s been hiding in my pantry (it’s really a cabinet but a girl can dream). I had oil and PAM and I also didn’t need to halve the recipe anymore. Win, win and WIN. The cake came out great as did the frosting. The only downside is that I always frost cake too soon so it slid a bit (the heat from the cakes warmed the frosting) but it will still taste yummy (fingers crossed). I frosted a few of the cupcakes to bring tonight as well but will likely toss the rest. Lessons learned, take your time and don’t rush.  


All in all it was a great day spent in the kitchen. I ended up using 3 cups of butter and a whole bag of confectioners sugar, which is no feat compared to baking with Jeanne but impressive nonetheless! I love birthdays so any chance I have to bake something for someone I will! It’s also a great excuse to make some cards. I’m working on my card making skills by stalking Pinterest. Happy Fall to everyone, hope you’re feeling great and able to enjoy the weather!