Back to School

Everyone heads back to school this week and while some people dread this time of year, I love it. It’s a time for routine and the beginning of Fall. I LOVE Fall. The crisp air, the leaves, and all the pumpkin and apple! 


Everyone loves summer. The BBQs, the warm weather, the sun. I could go on and on. And while I love it too, there comes a point when I’m ready for more consistency and a change. July and August was filled with ALL the fests (brew and country), my birthday, get togethers, meals eaten out, and lots of cold IPAs. As much as I loved every second of it, I realize my body needs more routine and structure (anyone else feeling the end of summer bloat?!)


While it’s a normal time of year for my weight to swing up, I’m craving more meals made at home, vegetables, and dinner parties with friends. I don’t plan to change anything too drastically but I do plan to make some healthier choices.  

Step One: Meal plan when I get my CSA. I just got 3 beets, 3 ears of corn, some tomatoes, salad greens, peppers, and leeks. Any ideas for me?! I’m finishing up an epic potato salad right now and last week I made a tahini kohlrabi salad.  


Step Two: Balance meals out with meals made at home. I had my friend over the other night for dinner where I made shakshuka with the best bread ever. Literally it was so good (and coincidentally called seduction bread). It was so satisfying to chat in the kitchen while I cooked and sip on some cocktails. I loved it. Hoping to have more nights like that.  


Step Three: Drink fewer nights of the week. When it’s really hot out I crave a cold beer. And while sometimes it’s great to enjoy a beer while watching Netflix, I’m more of a social drinker.  



These are some loose goals. While I’m not perfect, I do acknowledge that I’ve had a lot of parties and gatherings that ended up with alcohol and lots of snacks being consumed. So moving on to the next phase, more of a routine for the back to school season!