Weekend Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to everything. No shame in the pro con list, which I’m known to use for important decisions. It can also be a helpful way to focus on the positive instead of the negative in everyday life.

Pro: Spending a day in the kitchen baking. Some for myself and some for others. Jeanne would be so proud, I used a whole bag of sugar and 3 cups of butter.


Con: Feeling nauseous most of the weekend and sleeping A LOT. But then again catching up on sleep before a busy week is also a pro. And I got to eat a lot of delicious bread. 

Pro: Spending time with my roommates to get to know them and to celebrate Erin’s birthday. I’m so grateful for Craigslist for bringing us together. Picture of birthday brunch for Erin! That’s an IPAmosa. And greasy food for the stomach...and the soul.


Con: Looking at my budget and realizing I’m terrible at adulting. There’s no pro to this...besides maybe realizing where to cut back...aka everywhere.

Pro: Eating and drinking ALL the pumpkin.  


Pro: Finding ER on Hulu...I’ve been waiting for this day. And having a roommate who is just as excited to watch it.


 Pro: Having a roommate who will drink beer and yell at the TV while watching the Patriots with me.

Pro: Fall weather is here!!! Sweater weather finally! 


Pro: Party spreads at gorgeous houses with gorgeous friends. 


All in all the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I’m definitely feeling grateful.