One Day

If you had one day off after a very busy week, what would you do with that day? Sleep in and stay in your pajamas? Run all the errands? Scrap the errands and doing something spectacularly fun?!


With my day off on Saturday I had a few goals.

Get out of my apartment.

Normally I am all about sleep, but with one day off I wanted to get up and get the day started. Gabby also chose an 8:30 am spin class so I had to be up at a certain time. I knew that I could rest later if need be.



Gabby and I went to our first Turnstyle class and my life will never be the same. I have a love hate relationship with spinning. I love 45 minute classes and I hate 60+ minute classes. I love matching my ride to the beat of the music and I hate when I have to be at a certain speed, RPM, or difficulty. Turnstyle was 45 minutes and 100% beat-based. I felt like I was in a club with the lights, the adrenaline, the music, the instructor. It was out of this world. It amped me up so much that I came home and did the T25 ab workout that I missed the day before because of my spontaneity (scroll down to that section).



Resting later was a must because my body and my brain was so tired. I laid in my bed most of the latter part of the afternoon and caught up on some of my TV shows, primarily Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. I also finished the book for a book club that I am going to this week!


Spend time with friends.

After our spin class Gabby and I went to The Friendly Toast right next door for breakfast. I went with an iced coffee (because I was so hot) and the avocado toast! I ate the slice topped with corn and cotija, it was so good! We caught up about our personal lives, work, etc. It’s truly amazing that you can meet people and immediately feel like you’ve known each other forever. Days off are meant to be spent with people who you feel the utmost comfort with. Why would you want to put in “work” on a day off.


Be spontaneous.

Friday after work I planned to get one beer…which turned into 3 (or four?). I think it was 3. Of course this girl got super talkative and gave lots of hugs like I do whenever alcohol enters my bloodstream. Rather than go straight home my friend and I decided to head to Inman Square for pizza…not sure how we ended up with the idea of All Star Pizza Bar, but it hit the spot. Having lived a few blocks from there I am amazed that I never went given my insane love of pizza. I’m also amazed that we ordered two full pizzas…for two girls. It felt amazing to just let go and see where the night took me without having to be in bed by a certain time or remember to do x, y, or z.


Look forward to something fun!

My mom and I booked our trip to South Africa!!!! CUE FREAK OUT. The plane rides are long and the credit card bills are high but all this excitement is 100% worth it! Cannot wait to safari (is that a verb?).


And so that’s a snap shot into my Friday evening and Saturday off. All in all it was a pretty great weekend, even spending a day at work. I also meal prepped, hung out with my roommate, talked to my parents, and purchased some gifts for myself (a back pack!). Sometimes working a little extra makes me truly appreciate the time that I have for myself.