Last Week

Last week I started a new BeachBody program, Transform:20. In the spirit of starting new things I‘ve been paying more attention to my life in general and doing more of what feels good and makes me happy. It’s always helpful to take a step back and evaluate what’s going on in life and how to be better. As my mom says, put your #1 (yourself) first.

Food first, as always.

My goal for the new year was to put more effort into meal planning and cooking dinners. While I do bring breakfast (because I am very particular about my oatmeal) and snacks, I get lunch at work. When I’m only cooking dinner it makes it challenging to not eat the same thing over and over and over again. Overall I’ve had some really great meals lately, my most favorite of last week being zoodles with spiralized carrots, chorizo flavored tofu sausage, and pesto. It felt so hearty and delicious that I bought similar ingredients to continue making it this week, but with a red sauce instead of pesto.



I almost bailed on my workout on Friday. Why? Simply because I was exhausted. That was my 11th day in a row working (I count being on call) and my body and mind were so far beyond fried that I couldn’t fathom moving my body. BUT I did it because it’s only 20 minutes and I knew I would feel better afterwards. I’m not sure I would have worked out so consistently if my workouts weren’t 20 minutes long.

BeachBody makes weekday working out much easier to accomplish, but on weekends I have been trying to get out of the house a bit and workouts are a great opportunity for that. I’ve recently fell for Turnstyle with the dark lights, the beat-based music, and the amenities. I get to have fun, sweat, and be around people. There’s also a location in Charlestown. Win, win, win.



I went to a book club at Aeronaut brewery this week! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I find I need. The book we talked about wasn’t my favorite and so I didn’t have as much to talk about as I would want, but I met some interesting people, enjoyed a delicious fruity IPA, and got out of the apartment.


Friday I went ice skating with Elyse and Eliza. We started off our date at Tatte in Kendall where I went with the avocado and sweet potato tartine. It’s so good that even though I’ve had it before I keep getting it despite the other amazing menu offerings. I haven’t been having much dessert lately, but boy oh boy does Tatte do dessert right. I saw the mixed nut caramel shortbread and I knew I had to have it. Best choice I’ve ever made about dessert. After dinner was the event of the night, ice skating. It was perfect weather and not very crowded since we got there at 8pm. I went with hockey skates which took some adjusting, but after some practice I was much better (I’m not great, but was gliding without falling) and tripped far less than when wearing figure skates. We ended the night with girl talk and a glass of wine. The perfect night.


Saturday the fun continued. Christine met me in Charlestown to go to a Turnstyle class before getting coffee at Zume’s and coming over for avocado toast brunch. It’s great when your fun plans involve exercise, good food, and even better company. I feel like one lucky girl.

Self care.

I had been doing very well with self care. Tea most nights. Face masks. Comfy bathrobe. Hot showers. Warm blankets. This last week I was so tired that wine happened more often than any of the above. Writing this while watching corny movies with my happy light and all the snacks. Sometimes you just need to curl up, be by yourself, and do you.