An Uphill Battle

This isn’t just a food blog. It’s a lifestyle blog. Meant to show you that life isn’t perfect.  

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write. A recipe? I haven’t made anything new or interesting lately.  Meal planning advice? I have a cabinet full of food I don’t know what to do with. Sustainability? I no longer compost and recycling is rare in Boston. Healthy eating? There is too much to say that it overwhelms me. 

I started this blog as a medium to share the truth. The media only shows one side, the perfect side that is practically impossible. It shows the cheat meals, the good food, the bad food. It shows the good workouts and the good pictures. It’s not real or sustainable. Sometimes the uphill battle feels unrelenting. 


To top that off, I’m viewed as the food girl or the food police. I don’t mind being the food girl, I love talking about food. But why associate a dietitian with police? Maybe because the way we’re depicted is so black and white. We only eat vegetables and never dessert or anything with fat. We never eat more calories than we should. We’ve never struggled with food. Lies, lies, lies.

I want to help people lead healthier lives. BUT my biggest goal is to help people live. To find freedom from the so called “food rules.” To enjoy eating out without worrying about calories in versus calories out. To enjoy food again. To stop trying to figure out which foods are healthy and which aren’t. to realize that people can be healthy at ANY size.

How to start? Ignore media messages about food and nutrition unless it comes from a dietitian. Unfollow them. Or just scroll right by. Some dietitians may not promote messages that sit well with you either and that’s okay, too. We aren’t all the same, but we all should be the trusted sources for nutrition advice.