Getting Caught in the Moment

Last Thursday was our work holiday party. I went last year, but this year I knew so many more people after having been at the company for a year and a half now.

After work, we went to Tavern in the Square for a few drinks before going to the party. I had two Sip of Sunshines…I know, you’d think I would learn to not start with IPAs. But once a Vermont girl, always a Vermont girl (fun fact, I am not actually from Vermont). You can never say no to Sip of Sunshine…I still remember when these were just as limited as Heady Topper and now you can find them at Trader Joes! At the party I had a Fiddlehead and Be Hoppy…again, more IPAs.


Despite the beers, we also missed dinner since we were busy chatting at Tavern in the Square. Around 9:30 or 10:00 pm we went back to Tavern in the Square for food. By this point I was hangry and also past tipsy. The table shared nachos, tater tots x 2, and some chicken. I then ordered another round of nachos and proceeded to practically eat them by myself. I ate fast and without really thinking or feeling and before I knew it, I was FULL. I tend to eat fast as it is, but add some alcohol on an empty stomach and I eat like I haven’t seen food in years.


I woke up the next morning to go to a 7 am spin class with epic bloat and a hangover. My first thoughts were: Megan, why? This is why you’ve gained weight. I felt guilty for getting caught in the moment. Maybe if I had slowed down I would have ordered something other than IPAs or wouldn’t have ordered a second plate of nachos. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so terrible (physically and mentally) when I woke up if….


Turns out an early morning workout does wonders for a hangover. It honestly felt like I was sweating out alcohol. I left the spin class with a new perspective. While walking through the beautiful streets of Charlestown I thought: Getting caught in the moment is normal, it shows that I am living life to the fullest and having fun. It shows that I am comfortable with the people that I choose to spend my days with. If I didn’t get caught in the moment it would probably be because I was regimented enough to restrict my food and alcohol intake. It would also restrict my amount of fun and living because I would always have to be 100% aware so that I could be perfect. I don’t want that.


And so I walked through my beautiful neighborhood feeling grateful. And then I ate breakfast and baked banana bread because no day should be different because of what I ate or drank the day before. I am enjoying life. I am working out when I can and choosing nutritious food most of the time, but certainly not all of the time.