I visit Julie because I miss her and love spending time with her, but also to disconnect from the city. I enjoy the city. The opportunities, the lights, the restaurants, the bustle. But at the same time it can be exhausting. So this past weekend after spending countless days and hours working, I took an Amtrack up to good ol’ New Hampshire. Our weekends center around relaxation, puppies, good food and wine, and sometimes an adventure.


My room is finished and it is LOVELY. It’s Julie’s old bed, which I have always loved and the natural sunlight is so enjoyable to wake up to. I slept in and eased into the day with multiple cups of coffee. I even bought K-cups to keep at Julie’s so that I am not always steeling Greg’s. Sunday morning Ruger and Lyla came to snuggle with me while Julie did her long run on the treadmill.



Ruger and Lyla are full of energy and spunk, but are such cuddle bugs at the same time. I love when they keep you company in the kitchen or can’t get enough of you in the morning.



Julie is training for the Boston Marathon and I’m doing a new BeachBody program. Saturday she biked for 45 minutes while I did my 20 minute workout using the treadmill as a makeshift step. I finished off with walking at an incline for 10 minutes with 5# weights. Sunday morning I did a makeshift 30 minute Turnstyle workout and then my BeachBody workout while Julie ran for what seemed like forever. Once again I think I was sweating out alcohol from the night before, but boy does working out change my frame of mine for the better!

Good food and wine.

Friday night I taught Julie how to make pasta from scratch, we tagliatelle with my pasta maker. Topped with a makeshift white wine butter sauce, which was served with fresh scallops a la Greg. The white wine that we used for the sauce was actually delicious and I don’t usually like white wine, especially chardonnay. So go Josh.


Saturday night Greg slaved over sushi which Julie and I drank a few margaritas and then ate all of said sushi. 


An adventure.

This weekend Julie wanted to be crafty, specifically to make something to hold her jewelry. Greg brought us some wood, which we sanded and stained. It was really fun to use some tools and make something with our own hands. We had so much fun going to Hobby Lobby for our first time and looking at all of the door knobs! That store is unbelievable.

The train ride home I sulked because I hate leaving. I don’t want to overstay my welcome because it’s Julie and Greg’s house and they have their own lives to live, but I also want to visit whenever I can. I hit refresh whenever I’m there and we always have fun. I can’t believe Julie and Greg own a house, it’s amazing. Sometimes I feel like that means I should own a house, but right now I’m still finding my rhythm in the city. And so back to the city I go.