Weekend Balance

Every weekend is a struggle between needing copious amounts of rest and wanting to get sh*t done. It’s also a struggle between wanting to do all the things but also wanting to stick to my health goals. I know some people out there can relate.


Saturday I let go of all expectations. What was going to happen would happen and nothing more. I slept through the spin class that I wanted to go to and didn’t get any errands done. I woke up at 10am and then laid in bed for another hour before venturing to the living room to continue my lazy streak. Finally, around 1pm I managed to do a quick and dirty workout before walking down the street to get the best cup of coffee of my life. Seriously, Zume’s has the best coffee.

The afternoon was a bit more productive. I put real clothes and makeup on only to take it off when my plans fell through because of the rain. With my comfiest sweats on I surprised myself by finishing the curtains that I’ve been making for the apartment. It felt great to finish that project so that it’s not looming over my head and the living room looks finished!


After that project I decided to cook the meal that I bought ingredients for on Monday but kept putting off, spaghetti squash pad thai. My instant pot cooked the spaghetti squash PERFECTLY, but would not have accommodated any larger of a squash. It was mixed with homemade sauce, bean sprouts (which may have gone bad…), bell pepper, carrots, tofu, scallions, and peanuts. Super tasty and will definitely be made again. All enjoyed with a glass of wine which turned into two when my roommate and I decided to watch Bird Box.



Sunday I was still tired and wanted to have a lazy morning, but I had tickets to Tap Room Yoga at Night Shift Brewery. This is the brewery that I have been searching for in Boston. I actually feel like I’m back in Vermont when I’m there. AND there are so many IPAs to try! Not to mention the yoga class was incredible from the flow to the music to the instructor. It’s the first time I truly felt strong during yoga and I think I owe that all to BeachBody.  


Christine and Molly me after the yoga class for the beer part. We are Vermonters at heart (even though none of us are truly from Vermont). It’s so nice to all have different lives in the city but still be able to come together like nothing has changed. Molly and Christine are both kicking butt and I am so proud of them. Grateful for the times that we get to have together despite our busy lives. Hoping Night Shift becomes out new brewery spot to hang out just like Zero Gravity was in Vermont.  


Just because you make goals towards health such as eating more vegetables, cooking more, or exercising more doesn’t mean that you have to be a shut in and miss out on experiences. I enjoyed yoga with beer and made sure to eat a hearty breakfast beforehand. When I did get hungry while running errands I opted for a salad from Sweetgreen. It’s not about avoiding situations, it’s about knowing how to act in certain situations while still having the experiences that bring you joy.