San Fran FOOD

My trips always have a food focus. While it certainly wasn’t the main focus of this trip (seeing my childhood BFF was), it certainly impacted some of our decisions.  


San Francisco has so many restaurants! So many that I frequently wondered how they all stay in business. There is an impressive variety of cuisines and ambiance throughout the food scene, something that could be seen as overwhelming to some but excited to others (aka me). I also loved the abundance of quick bite restaurants. You know, the places you can eat at, but you order at the counter. In Boston that’s like Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, Honeygrow, etc. In San Fran we went to Soufla, which blew this dietitian’s mind.  There are three (or four) main entrees that you can either order as a sandwich or a salad. There are also fries and plain frozen (Greek) yogurt that you can dress up depending on your preference. I went with the pork salad. It was a mix of kale and other greens with pickled onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and a yogurt dressing. For dessert we shared an olive oil and sea salt frozen yogurt and a baklava frozen yogurt. My next idea is to freeze plain Greek yogurt and top with my own version of olive oil and sea salt.


That night we stopped at a cantina in Carmel since the traffic delayed us a bit. I ordered a round of skinny margaritas and guacamole and chips to be enjoyed by the fireplace. Now, let me be honest, I definitely rolled my eyes ordering skinny margaritas, but for a girl who prefers tart margaritas to sweet margaritas this was PERFECTION. I just wish they called in a tart margarita or literally anything else besides skinny. We shared a quesadilla and nachos for dinner in addition to the guacamole and extra chips. This girl can’t say no to nachos.


Breakfast was epic bagel sandwiches a la Sophie and Walker while I laid on the rug trying not to be sick (it happens). I think being thirsty (from the plane), being tired (from the travel and time change), and being excited created a margarita monster the night before. The bagels sandwiches made of egg, sausage, avocado, cheese, and a special sauce were epic and cured my stomach woes.


Lunch was random ramen at a little spot in Carmel since hunger hit quickly without warning. I went with the tofu and seaweed Ramen before hitting up a wine tasting.


Dinner was at a new brewery in Carmel called Yeast of Eden. We hung out at the bar waiting for our table and tried some half pours. I love when placed do half pours so you can try multiple and don’t need to commit. Once our table was ready Walker and I were hangry like never before seen. We had our meals decided before being seated, starting with an appetizer of three different kinds of street tacos. I thoroughly enjoyed the mushroom asada tacos because you know how I feel about funghi. There were also carnitas and baja fish tacos shared amongst the table. For entrees Julie and Walker went with the burger while Sophie and I each got the Asian cauliflower dish. It was flavorful for sure but the amount of salt in the sauce was overwhelming. The restaurant/brewery is a month old so I would offer some suggestions for that dish if needed, but it was definitely interesting!


On our way out of Carmel the next day we went to a French bakery for coffee and treats, such a hidden gem! The other three split some pastries while I enjoyed a salmon and spinach quiche since my body was craving savory over sweet.


Lunch that day was an experience to say the least. My very first time at In-N-Out Burger! Walker is a pro and ordered for the table. Double Double Animal Style for me, please. The double patty and the extra sauce really set this burger above other fast food burgers (not that I have that much experience). I’ve never been to Shake Shack or Five Guys and it’s been forever since I’ve been to a Wendy’s, Burger King, or McDonalds (and likely won’t return), but this burger was well worth the hype and the saturated fat.


Dinner Sunday night was made in the cutest kitchen ever. It all started with burata toast with hazelnuts, honey, and olive oil. I was then in charge of the risotto while Walker made roasted asparagus and chicken piccata. He also chose some impeccable wine for the occasion, drank while watching the Grammy’s. I’m working on drinking with or after meals rather than before since then I can enjoy the eating experience in full. It’s a work in progress and I will keep you posted.


Our last day we enjoyed coffee from Peet’s, an apple fritter from Bob’s Donuts, and lunch at Sophie’s office, Collective Health. I am so IMPRESSED with their health mission and the sustainability in the city. If only ever place could be as progressive when it comes to composting.



I’m grateful that I can go on trips and enjoy all the food without worrying or feeling restricted or overly full (except for that first night). I used to go wild on vacations because it was a time to splurge and now vacations are just an extension of a normal day, just in a different city.