A lot of people either love weekends because they can break off from their diet or fear weekends because of the many temptations. But what if we just went into the weekend with an open mind. We can try to eat balanced meals, but if something else comes up and we eat fried food, that’s okay too. Lifestyle changes are about making the majority of your days more balanced and full of fruits and vegetables, but certainly not every day.

Last week I got all my workouts in and ate balanced meals. Even when I went out to eat on Wednesday with a friend I took half of my pasta home. Turns out it’s super fun having leftovers to look forward to the next day. What I’m here to say is, usually weekends are when you don’t follow a plan or your typical routine. Therefore, things come up and food tempts you and it’s easier to get caught in the moment.

Friday, Sarah and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts First Friday event. We had a drink before heading to the museum where we had another {overpriced} drink while coloring and exploring the Ansel Adams exhibit. Unfortunately the food choices were limited and also overpriced so we decided to get food after the exhibit. By the time we sat down at the bar it was probably 10 pm and we both just needed food. Greasy bar food it was: fried cauliflower, truffle fries, and crab spinach dip. We even ended the night with a brownie. Of course I didn’t feel great the next day, but I know that alcohol, waiting too long to eat, and being tired were all working against me. There’s also this legit thing known as decision fatigue.


Saturday morning I woke up tired and bloated but ran to Turnstyle (literally ran) to meet Maggie for a spin class. It felt so good to get up and work out after a night of greasy food and alcohol. Of course I also had drinking plans after spin and met Molly and Christine at Trillium in Seaport. We had a few sour beers and all got the Brewer’s grain bowl for a healthier option. My body craved whole foods and this bowl had farro, sunflower seeds, pickled vegetables, and tofu. My body was happy.


Sunday I woke up after sleeping 14 hours. WHO AM I? I started the day with oatmeal and then grabbed coffee at my favorite coffee shop ever. I met my cousin, Meredith, downtown for a movie and brought her a grilled cheese and myself chicken salad and roasted vegetables. I may be drinking a beer while I type this (and watch the Super Bowl) but it’s the Super Bowl and I wanted a cold Conehead.


Looking back as I type this, I realize that most of my food choices were with the intent to fuel my body with whole foods. I chose to bring my snacks to the movies. I chose the wholesome, unfried option at the brewery, and I got my workouts in. So I had greasy bar food and a brownie Friday night. So what? Most of my choices were healthful and made in a conscious effort to fuel my body. The other choices were made whimsically because I was spending time with friends. I will look back on this weekend and see how much fun I had and all the friends and family I was able to see, not the food that I did or didn’t eat.