Family Filled Weekend

I am a homebody. Both in the sense that I enjoy being at my apartment or any home environment but also that I love being with my family. My parents and my sister don’t come into Boston that much because it’s a city which presents numerous challenges, but this weekend they did.

My sister arrived Saturday morning and immediately hit the ground running, literally. She ran part of the Boston marathon course with one of her friends while I went to a Turnstyle class. Obviously her run took much longer than my class so I had time to paint my nails.


Around 2:30 pm we met one of our high school friends, Sarah, at Tatte for lunch. I always get the avocado tartine but this time I decided to try something else, something lighter since we also had dinner plans with the parents later. I tried the winter vegetable bowl which was spinach, other greens, roasted carrots, parsnips, and brussels sprouts and an egg with some delicious sauce. It was refreshing and just what I was craving! We chatted a lot before Julie and I had to start our walk through the South End to meet our parents for dinner. It’s always about eating when we are together.


Dinner was at The Gallows, a cute little restaurants/gastropub that made me feel like I was back in Vermont. We started off with some IPAs (Dad went with the blonde ale) and all the catching up. I don’t know when the last time I saw my parents was and I love spending time with them. We weren’t in a rush so we took our time ordering and spending time together although this girl did NOT take her time eating her burger.

I went with the falafel burger and turns out I was hungry. I had breakfast around 8 am and then worked up a strong sense of hunger for lunch at 2:30 pm and the vegetables didn’t fill me up that much so I scarfed that burger and truffle fries down. I was a bit embarrassed by how fast I ate but thinking back on the events of the day it makes sense. My body knew it needed more carbohydrates and protein for energy. The beer helped too.


After dinner Julie and I curled up at my apartment with some wine and watched Baby Mama which is hysterical. We fell asleep watching videos of Lyla (Julie’s chocolate lab) and talking. The best way to fall asleep.

Sunday was short because Julie had a train to catch but we managed to fit in a Turnstyle class (Julie’s first one!) and breakfast. We ended up going to Mamaleh’s because it was right above the spin studio and it did not disappoint. I went with a classic egg and cheese on a bagel and Julie went with lox, egg, and dill mayonnaise on a challah roll. Hit the spot.


Before Julie or my parents visit I always stress out trying to figure out the best things to do or show them. When the moment arrives the only thing that truly matters is that we are together. That we get to see each other, hug each other, talk face to face, and just be. It’s the simple moments that stick out to me like going for walks with my parents or going to a brewery and just talking with Julie. This trip I’ll remember us laughing at Lyla rolling in the snow on the couch and talking in my bed until we fell asleep. Cherish the little things and never take time with your family for granted.