On Friday I was asked if I still enjoy blogging and it got me thinking about happiness. What makes me happy and how I look at happiness. Because why would I want to do something or be with people who do anything other than bring me happiness?


Growing into my own space in a new city has been challenging to say the least. I’ve had to find things in the city that bring me happiness when I lived the last 7 years in the mountains. Sure I miss the nature, the breweries (you can only relate if you’ve been to Northern Vermont), the farms, the FOOD, my friends/Vermont family and so much more. BUT, in the city I have grown to love the skyline, the proximity of my family, my job, my patients, the abundance of opportunities, the cultural flair, and the diversity of food options. There’s also the ease of everything. I mean I literally have four different food delivery apps on my phone and am constantly trying to decide between Uber or Lyft…such a city girl these days. It’s different for sure, but I have found different things that bring me happiness and comfort compared to rural Vermont.

To top off being in a new city, I’m also in a new place in my life. I have a few friends from college here and have made new friends through work and other avenues, and I’ve even been dating! I’ve gotten better about keeping people around who truly make me happy and cherish my company and my friendship. But I also know I can’t rely on other people to make me happy.

Therefore, what I am actively working on is finding hobbies and things that bring me happiness that I can fill my time with. I was in school for seven years. All my outside-of-class time was spent doing homework, trying to cook or clean, and working to pay the bills. I’m new to having time to actually nap, binge watch Good Girls on Netflix, or just feel bored without feeling guilty. It can be uncomfortable and can lead to way too much thinking, but I’m getting better at it. Slowly but surely I am finding things that bring me pure happiness, things I wake up wanting to do. Although it’s hardly ever something to write home about, it’s things that put a smile on my face.

It’s a Turnstyle class on Saturday mornings.


Cooking dinner for someone or trying new recipes during meal prep.


Studying for the next thing at work.




So long story short, yes, I do still enjoy blogging. And as long as it brings me happiness and I have a message to say I will keep doing it. I wouldn’t write just to write. I couldn’t. That would be relying on others to bring me happiness rather than the act itself.