Empowering Others

It’s human nature to want to be the best. To feel threatened by others who have a higher degree or who can run faster or who fit that “ideal” body image. Whatever the end goal is, there always seems to be someone out ahead. When you’re not that person it’s easy to get caught up in the chase to the top and to step on others along the way.

What would happen if we helped each other get to the top? If we supported each other, lent a helping hand, or simply cheered each other on?

At work I want to study and take an exam to further my career. I’ve thought about this for about a year and never felt good enough. One of my coworkers and my boss have been supportive in identifying study materials and encouraging my abilities to push me closer and closer to signing up. Without them, I would still be in the passive phase of thinking about the exam. What do they get from helping me? Nothing really, but they do it anyway.


In my personal life, I am a bit insecure when it comes to feeling enough for another person (yes, I am talking about dating). I’ve been judged in the past and made to feel wrong for how I act or how I feel when in reality I just like to show people I care. There’s nothing wrong with that and my friends have tried time and time again to tell me to never change because how I feel matters and people like to be cared about. No matter how many times I need to hear it they never shy away. What do they get from that? Nothing really, but they do it anyway.


I used to want to run because my sister ran. I didn’t enjoy it, but she was the best and I wanted to be the best. I now run to spend time with her or my dad and cheer her on in her quest to the Boston Marathon. What do I get from ringing my cow bell? Nothing really besides pure pride.


Why are we always in a race against other people? Why can’t we all just want each other to succeed however that may look for other people?

Take a step back. Identify what you want in life and why you haven’t gone after it. Then make a plan to go after it and surround yourself with people who support you. And at the same time, cheer on others. Cheer on your friends, your enemies, or people you don’t know. Just cheer people on, we all deserve to go after what we want in life.