Dating is a Marathon

Dating is like running a marathon. 

1. The beginning is so exciting.  

The morning before my marathon I was beyond excited. For one, my sister was with me, I had just graduated, and it was supposed to be a beautiful day in my favorite city. I was giddy. It’s just like dating. You look forward to every date, every text. Everything is brighter and happier.  



2. You eat a lot of carbohydrates.  

Carb loading is a legit strategy for running a marathon. I think I ate half a loaf of Shaw’s garlic bread before mine. That stuff is golden! And then there’s dating. The meals out, the alcohol. It’s all fun and games until your pants don’t fit. And it’s not because your thighs have grown from all that training.  


3. You meet a lot of different people long the way.   

Part of running a marathon is talking about your marathon And through that you meet other marathon runners and people who run. Do we need to talk about dating? Some days you meet people that feel so right and the next day they aren’t right. Or they’re just not right at all from the beginning.  



4. It may end how you want, but usually you have to keep trying to get to your goal. 

At the end of my race I was in disbelief (and pain). I met my goal on the first try. When it comes to dating, I’ve yet to meet my expectations and just feel like I keep striking out. Just like a race, when I think it’s going good something surprises me long the way either good or bad. It hurts like a marathon but you keep trying because that end goal is just so sweet.  



5. At the end you never want to do it again but you always do... 

I think I’m one of the only people who said she wouldn’t run another marathon and means it. It hurt my body in ways I didn’t know it could hurt. Dating does the same, though, when it ends in heart break. Even after a month which can feel frustrating and silly, but no matter how long  But just give it time and you’ll be signing up for another race or another dating app. That’s life. 



I ran my perfect marathon and so I don’t feel the need to run another one. I haven’t met that perfect guy to end all dating, though. I’ve met some great people along the way, some of which I thought I could truly fall for, but ultimately it wasn’t right. So for now, the dream is still out there and I keep training, or dating in this case.