My Hero

I’m a twin. She was born 3 minutes before me and likes to say it was the best 3 minutes of her life. Those were the worst 3 minutes of my life. 

I’ve always looked up to Julie. And compared myself to Julie. It comes with the territory of being a twin. We were in the same AP classes in school, played the same instrument (clarinet), and participated in the same sports (soccer and running). It wasn’t until college that we found our own niches. Fast forward to when we live in different states and Julie is still running and kicking butt, while I’m figuring out life and where I fit. Nowadays I can concentrate my efforts on cheering Julie on rather than competing against her. 


This weekend was all about her. Cooking the food she needed/wanted. Taking pictures of her everywhere and anywhere. And most importantly, being her support when she needed it most.  

When I ran my marathon, Julie was there the whole way. It’s the only way I could have crossed that finish line. I walked half a step before she yelled at me and made me cry. She gave me maple syrup when I couldn’t chew my fruit snacks from pure fatigue. She ran ahead of me as a pacer and a target when I wanted to give up.  


Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for her in that way this time and it killed me. When she texted me around mile 7 I knew something was wrong and just wished I could be with her. I tried calling to give her a pep talk, but she had put her phone away. I hoped she could hear me cheering for her under my breath, whispering words of encouragement: Even though I knew she wasn’t close to me yet, I found her face in the crowd of runners over and over again.  

Finally, I yelled her name and she crossed over to us looking relieved. The moment I’d been waiting for, the best hug of my life. Only it broke my heart because it meant she really needed support both physically and mentally. One look at her and I had a feeling what was going on inside her head. If only I could convince her what was going through my head. 




My sister qualified for the Boston marathon THREE times when most people won’t ever qualify.  


My sister won’t let anything stop her from chasing her dreams. 


My sister inspires so many people. From friends and family who know her personally to the running community which she is a part of on Instagram.  


My sister doesn’t give up. Even when she feels defeated she finishes what she starts.  


My sister is beautiful and strong.  


My sister is my hero. 


You’re amazing every day of the year, not just Marathon Monday.