Good Eats

This weekend was the Boston Marathon. I spent the days leading up carb loading even though I wasn’t running. 

I ate popcorn and drank wine in my bed Friday night. It was wonderful.

I had a few (or three) glasses of wine Saturday night with Maggie while getting to know each other and having an adult sleepover. 



I ate lunch at my favorite casual restaurant in Boston with the twin, Tatte. I tried the Halloumi salad which was great, but I’ve found nothing that compares to the avocado sweet potato tartine.


Sunday night Maia and I carb loaded with pad Thai, fried rice and sushi before capping the night off with some popcorn. The runner stuck to chicken, rice, and sweet potato.


Sunday morning I fueled up with a bagel breakfast sandwich. Not the best I’ve ever had (missing the Bagel Place) but tasty! The bagel was everything with herbs in the dough! It’s unfortunate that I forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house...good thing I didn’t make out with anyone!


I refueled after the race with an appetizer of fries and....a burger and more fries!! The burger was on a BISCUIT. And it had caramelizad bacon! For a girl that doesn’t normally eat bacon this was hella good. Washed down with some double IPAs.


Sure I had moments of guilt wondering why I was eating so much when I wasn’t running. But I was hungry! And there’s no right time to feel hungry or right amount of exercise to deserve a certain meal. 


Deprivation can influence your eating choices. All week I felt deprived, ravenous almost. I had been following a loose meal plan and it wasn’t leaving me feeling satiated. I need carbohydrates at every meal. I need fat. I need a well balanced plate. That deprivation led to a rather large bowl of popcorn Friday night. On Monday I went without lunch because I was at the marathon. By the time dinner rolled around I basically inhaled the burger and fries. My body needed food, any food. It happens to us all.

People can influence your eating choices. Maia wanted Asian food so we went for pad Thai and fried rice Sunday night. I live in Boston so I can have ethnic food any day of the week while she cannot. Monday Julie wanted a burger and of course I went along. It happens to us all.

Lastly, alcohol can influence your eating choices. After two glasses of wine Friday night I was hungry. Red wine always makes me hungry. So I made the biggest bow of popcorn. Monday I chose a burger after drinking a beer despite going into the restaurant with other plans. It happens to us all

My lessons from this weekend:

Following a diet or meal plan can lead to overeating.

Going too long without eating can lead to overeating.

Being with friends and family can lead to overeating. 

So ditch the diets and always pack snacks. And enjoy your time with friends and family without worrying about food!